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Secret Book of the Bogomils

BogomilsThe Black Book of Kamarten that is the secret book of the Bogomils, written on animal skin before 8 centuries and is one of the sources that are available for King Arthur. The author is unknown. Presumably, that was written by several Welsh monks.
The book was in possession of ancient monasteries and later was purchased by a wealthy collector says BIG5.
The text in the book tells the story of the mythical king who is believed to have consolidated power in Britain after the withdrawal of the Roman Empire from the island. This was the first script that tells the glorious story of Arthur, Merlin, Uther Pendragon, Lancelot and Guinevere, and other characters that are not included in the official version of the legend today, according to scientific portal AOrigin.
Professors Paul Russell and Myria Williams from the Department of Anglo-Saxon history at the University of Cambridge studied ancient text for years. I recently noticed that margins have something very strange! There is barely noticeable shades that resemble letters.
The ancient book has been subjected to detailed analysis by ultraviolet rays and special digitizing scanner. What scientists have discovered is literally amazing!
Besides clearly readable story of King Arthur, the ancient book contains very much information that was written with special invisible ink. The message can be read only with an ultraviolet scanner and modern software. Then by reading translated and preserved parts of hidden text, scientists were amazed!
It turned out that the majority of invisible writing is a prophecy for the future written in verse!
The text clearly cites and describes Bogomils (Enlightened) that were rapidly growing religious community in Europe just at the time when he wrote The Black Book! They were hated by the official Christian church because of his radical views - did not believe that the church has no right to stand between humans and God, which goes directly against the interests of the superpower of the Middle Ages!
The hidden text tells about the Bogomils and their faith, citing that they are the purest Christians! Mention the horrific persecution, which will undergo what has already happened.
Bogomils were literally cleared from the earth. They are subjected to persecution and inhuman torture. As we all know, the center of Bogomil movement was in the territory of today's Bulgaria.
Significantly, the text in the book was written with invisible ink! Like writing in the Middle Ages would be a direct threat to the church! The authors would have been declared heretics and punished severely! That's what the message is written in a way that being read using a secret solution, which obviously they had.
The text of the Bogomils includes a very interesting line that directly affect Bulgaria.
From the heart of the land of education, as called Bogomils will be born happiness of the new world after the heavy curse is lifted (pass), and all the torment and anguish of those chosen by God pass!
According to many experts in Bulgaria is special because of many factors! Energy fields in our country are different than, anywhere else in the world. That's what the Bogomili movement has originated right here. Selling our rulers have succumbed to the relentless pressure of church and committed horrific crimes against these highly educated and loving people! A number of experts, including the Master Peter Deunov claim that Bulgaria is cursed just because of the atrocities against the Bogomils. Is this not a "heavy doom" which refers to the ancient text !?
Who Are those chosen by God? There is a theory that exactly Bulgarians Chosen People, who will lead the world as "the current system is changed." Hopefully ancient prophecy refers to us "afoul" that hanging over our people, lift.
Afoul of malice, ignorance and greed that stifles us from time immemorial. Afoul of venality and eternal feeling of inferiority because of that, foreign powers orchestrated processes in our country, just as happened when Bogomils were killed. All look forward to this curse be lifted.

Written by
Ema Karachodzhukova