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Happy Birthday 30 April 2017

IF YOU CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: Ahead of you is a year that from the very beginning you will have clear plans and ideas for what you want to achieve through it. The love life of young men will be full of various important events and decisions. This year life will give you different chances and will give you luck in different situations, so learn to take this without looking for reasons or consequences. During the year an important event will take place in your home, bringing together relatives and friends in one place.
MEANING OF YOUR BIRTH DATE: You are filled with energy and vitality, you are quite nervous, but you don't attract diseases and indispositions and if they come you have enough strength to throw them off.
You should be aware from obsessions.
You think you're always right in your conclusions. 
You have less knowledge and you should obtain more and more imagination and intuition.
You make a great company; you can be a great teacher, writer or a social worker.
You're loyal, although you don't deny the flirt. 
You like to be appreciated for the good things you do and you're very devoted to your work.

Happy Birthday 29 April 2017

IF YOU CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: Ahead of you is a year of anticipated change. It may be undesirable, difficult or too complex for you, but it will have to be realized in order for you to continue your development. Big surprises will occur in the lives of men over the age of 35 who celebrate their birthday today. Everyone who celebrates today will enjoy delightful events in their home or in their love lives. It is possible to move to a new home or to fall in love with a person from another location. You will now be able to solve much of your old troubles and problems, which will greatly find their natural development.
MEANING OF YOUR BIRTH DATE: You are capable as a leader with great achievements. With your strength you can bring to yourself or others successes or failures. You're extreme in everything, very intensive in love and understanding or suppressed or happy. You should be careful to not lose your control over your nerves.
The home is required for your happiness, but you're not easy to live with, because you're absorbed from your dreams and you forget to pay attention to the other peoples' comfort.
You should have a certain job to keep you balanced.