Happy Birthday 28 October 2017

IF YOU CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: during the year there will be favorable opportunities for development in the field of education, career or business. You will be able to expect important visits, presentations, performances to the audience or to the public. This year, an important role in your life will be played by a man who may be your relative, friend or political person.
The year will be remembered with the birth of a baby in your circle of relatives or close friends.

Happy Birthday 27 October 2017

IF YOU CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: this year you will have different occasions for joy and satisfaction. You will have a favorable development of a change that you probably started in the past year. Ahead of you is a trip and probably you are going to stay in another city or country for a certain period of time.
The year will be conducive to the development of a lawsuit if you are involved with it. But it will give you important life lessons. You will be financially stable to a great extent thanks to the people around you: parents, partner, children.... During the year you will have strange and unexplained experiences.
The year brings significant success or a crucial change in the lives of women.