Aquarius Horoscope 2017

This year you can expect interesting changes in the lives of people in your family, especially those associated with your father, brother, son and nephew.
There will be a parting, a separation, with someone from your family on a nice occasion, although by itself the separation will be emotional for you.
Events will be related to the birth of a male child.
Home: During the year, a male presence in the home and your family will be particularly important.
There will be changes in the lives of a male relative.
New home or big acquisitions will develop through the grandfather, father, son ....
The year will be remarkable with milestones in the lives of Aquarius men, which will change the way of life in your home, in the family.
You will remember 2017 with an event associated with a person in your home born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo.
Family: In this year Aquarius involves parting with older children due to various life reasons.
More gatherings for family occasions will take place or some other reason or need will arise for more frequent contact with relatives by you or by your partner.
It is possible that there will be divorce in your circle of relatives, where even children will not be able to influence the relationship to continue. It is possible, however, and divorce will be due to lack of reconciliation.
There will be a settlement of documents by a court, a notary or lawyer for your family affairs.
During the year there will be a situation where someone will take something that belongs to you: personal correspondence, a document, item, friendship and more. You will not accept such betrayal or such action by the person in whom you had confidence.
Young men to 35 years will have very strong opportunities throughout the year for financial stabilization and an increase their income. Use every opportunity and have more trust in your knowledge and skills. Not every year will provide you with such opportunities.
This year the occasion for gathering will be buying a new home or a new car for brother, sister, uncle, aunt or their children.
You yourself can invest your money in a suburban or residential property.
During the year some tension or stress will occur about your mother or grandmother. For those of you who do not have such (because they have gone to the Hereafter) dreams associated with them will be a warning of a future problem or trouble.
You will have some plans for your children this year, but something completely different and much better will be given by fate. So when things do not go the way you want or expect, do not rush to panic, nor be in a bad mood or be angry.
The year can bring you flirting or a romantic acquaintance in your workplace or through your professional or business contacts. For some of you this will be the beginning of common-law cohabitation or marriage.
Men over age 35 will be the main pillar of the family, on whose shoulders the responsibility will lie for the family budget and care for domestic problems at home. This should not be a concern as you will have sufficient resources, energy and strength to perform your duties.
Unexpected travel will be associated with a romantic encounter, acquaintance with parents or relatives of your partner, honeymoon.
You may receive an offer or invitation to move to another area where your intimate or spouse is from.
For those of you who will have important plans or events related to abroad or to foreigners, you will have a high probability of conflicts or strong concerns because of important changes or decisions that will lie ahead. If you protect yourself from this tension and develop a calmer plan and implement things, then success will give you greater pleasure and enjoyment.
During the year you will have controversy, disagreement or lack of support from a person with authority, public or a popular person, politician, especially if you yourself are a member of any public or political party.
You will experience separation from a woman from your friendly environment for various life reasons.
This will be a year to remember with a surprise: a childbirth or maternity future that will delight you with a baby in 2018.