Taurus Horoscope 2017

For Taurus, 2017 will be a very dynamic year. You'll go where you have not planned. You will meet people that you did not expect to meet or encounter.
In 2017 you will be part of one large family or community event, an activity which will gather many people in one place.
There will be a life-long parting with someone in your immediate surroundings.
There will be a change which will change the conditions of your life or the lives of the people with whom you live.
You will encounter the insincerity or selfishness of a loved one. This will make you rethink your relationship or adjust some of your plans, expectations.
Domestic problems will arise which may require the need for purchasing new furniture, appliances, repairs and improvements.
An important event in your home during the year will be related to a man: grandfather, father, brother, spouse or other.
In 2017, some of you may receive financial help to buy a home or you may be given the right to property.
2017 will remembered as a significant event in your family. Your old dream or desire will become reality. Do not be proud of this. Show humility so that you will be able to enjoy more good moments in the future.
Men over 35 will experience a change in family status. For everyone it will be different, due to different reasons and because it will happen at different times.
Expect a wedding of relatives or friends who will have a remarriage. Love has no age limits and this event will be further proof of this maxim.
During the year, financial troubles may arise where you work or from a government, bank or tax authority.
2017 will be very successful and will provide various opportunities for young women up to 35 years to increase their incomes.
Soon you will have major purchases or investment as well as costs or a financial relationship with a child. There will be an improvement of your financial or physical condition thanks to friendly relations or common business.
There will be a problem about a financial document that you will solve faster, but you will be embarrassed or disappointed by certain people or will be burnt by one your expectations.
A proposal will come from a person born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, which should be considered good.
2017 will be an interesting and important time for you to develop your connections with foreigners, people of another nationality or religion. 
Travel abroad.
This will be a year to remember because you will achieve a major purchase or a bigger investment, a new home or a new property, a new car and more.
There will be a parting with a child or bad news related to a child.
A new person will arrive in the home of a close relative: the home of a brother, sister, uncle, aunt and others.
Issues will arise around the health of a grandfather, father or another male relative, most likely born under the sign of Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo.
Your love life will suffer a more serious test. An unexpected problem will appear, a situation that will determine the future of your relationship.
This will be a successful year for young women in terms of their education, career or business. There will be new opportunities and unexpected opportunities, higher incomes or profits.
Expect an important event related to a boy or young man in your immediate family circle. Likely it will be a man born under the sign of Pisces, 
Scorpio and Cancer. You will have great hope, a great expectation for something good in this plan.
Some Taureans will be surprised by the unexpected revival of interrupted friendship or romantic relationship, or there will be a family reunification after separation or divorce.
Women over 35 years will need to be careful in dealing with people born under the sign of Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, especially those who are abroad, or in dealing witforeigners. Do not let lie in your relationships, do not manipulate or engage in other kinds of disloyalty. No one will benefit from this ....
Important trip for family reasons or travel with the family. Wedding, which will take place in another town or country.
Conflicts will arise with a mother, a maternal relative or a close female friend associated with false information or compromised privacy, or reckless, speculative, provocative gossip.
2017 brings for most of you a cardinal change in the work or activities in which you are engaged.