Virgo Horoscope 2017

2017 is the time when some of your specific expectations for certain events will materialize: good and bad .... Forthcoming will be separations/parting on different occasions with different people of different ages.
You will experience theft or loss due to the self-interest or malice of a person near you.
You will experience deception or disappointment from the lies of a person of whom you had a better opinion.
This year will be an assessment of the way you communicate with people around you and the criteria by which you will allow/accept people closer to you.
Home: Plans related to your home will be successful. You will get support and you will have luck in important projects related to your home.
There will be a birth of a child or grandchild, or an important event affecting them.
Take care about the health of the man who is your relative or relative by your partner side.
A great purchase for your home. 
Family: For you this year there will be moments of emotional instability that will lead to sadness and tears, frustration or disappointment. You will experience at first hand the pain of cheating on a loved one/relative.
Lack of loyalty and trust will provoke you to rethink some of your attitudes to or decisions about family ties.
You will be making important decisions, in some cases, about the beginning of the lawsuit.
There will be more frequent conflicts during the year, as well as an important trip for family reasons, a gathering of a family nature or a relocation of residence for your family.
During the year, almost all representatives of Virgo will experience an important, fateful change in life. For some of you this change will relate to present or future family, to work or because o a move to another city or country. Whatever the specific change for each of you, either undesirable or troublesome, remember that it is part of the beginning of a new more productive and successful period.
You will successfully solve problems, difficulties or tasks related to property, housing and estates.
There will be conflict with a child who wants to go his or her separate way from you. It is possible that your own child will have to live away from you and for some reason this year you will have a difficult relationship, more frequent conflicts or disputes. 
An important meeting or gathering with parents (especially if they live in different from your location).
It is possible that you will visit a parent or you may stay or visit at the home of your parents. They may remain for a longer period in your home or vice versa.
If you have a parent born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, expect total, unforgettable experiences.
During the year you will have a cost concerning a child, but also a considerable amount of money will come into your home thanks to the child.
Try your luck with birth data of a child born under the sign of Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus (if you have any).
Your expectations for a significant increase in your salary this year will not be realized. At least not in the way you expect ....
Of course, a quite different development will involve the financial affairs of those of you who have their own business. But there not everything may go smoothly
During the year, be especially careful with bank documents, payments, bank cards and personal banking information.
An unexpected event will occur at home, in your family connected with a boy or young man born under the sign of Aries, Leo or Scorpio.
Unexpected news will come related to the pregnancy or birth of a child - a boy.
2017 year will bring you a pleasant experience or event associated with relative from the side of your husband or wife, probably someone born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. 
It is possible there will be an engagement or wedding on the side of your intimate partner or your spouse.
There will be a strong influence and beneficial impact in the year in your home  through an old or new friendly relationship. This will likely be someone who is wise enough to give you the right advice or guidance in difficult moments for you various tests.
There will be new neighbors next door or a change in your environment (such as new construction, architectural changes, innovations, etc.).
Unmarried representatives of Virgo will be able to engage in romantic dating or Internet communication which will be implemented in a public place, during an event, a large gathering, concert and more.
It is possible because of public employment for your spouse or intimate partner or yourself to engage in a public, charitable or political activity.
The uncomfortable presence of a woman in your workplace or trouble will occur because of unexpected changes, innovations and more.