Aquarius Horoscope 2018

The year ahead of you is an important and interesting development of new friendly relations.
The year portends important events related to the grandmother, mother or other close female relatives in your circle.
In 2018 you will have your sad moments related to people who are from your family circle or are relatives on your partner's side. There are different trials or life parting with them. The parting may be for a variety of reasons. It may even be nice but emotionally it will be difficult for you. 
During the year, you will have to solve more home-related problems, property issues, a new home, and more. Different obstacles, difficulties or delays will arise in this plan.
Overall, the financial year does not imply any difficulties or labor for you. You will be part of a financial success of your friends or relatives which they will share with you.
The idea or suggestion you get from a friend will benefit you financially in some way. 
This year most joyful moments and events will relate to the women in your circle of relatives or close friends. There will be possible success associated with daughter, sister, niece. You will experience an event related to the birth of a baby girl, which will be a special gift for the family where it will appear.
Women under the age of 35 will enjoy great success or fulfilled desire, a dream of greater or more expensive acquisition. 
For those of you who will encounter a parent's health problem, it is good to know that there will be larger, unplanned costs. Carefully monitor diagnoses and treatment methods, as there is a sign of error, omission, misunderstanding.
This is not a year in which you can expect parental help. Rather, they will need one, but not necessarily financial.
If you are going to sell a hereditary property be cautious, do not trust or hurry to sell at any price.
Your love life in 2018 will be interesting, but it will often give you different dilemmas to solve. Some of you will seek material and financial stability in the partner you have to choose for yourself. This may be decisive for those of you who have a choice between more than one admirer. 
The year portends favorable events related to the baby or child, but it almost always has to do with the cost of funds.
On a professional level, be prepared for the inadequate or negative attitude of a woman at your workplace. This woman may have such a purposeful attitude specific to you. However, she may naturally be such a negative personality. The year will be more complex and burdensome for those of you who work with women or their work is targeted at female clients. 
The 2018 year will bring you different experiences related to an engagement or a wedding of one of your relatives, probably male. The year will be remembered with an important event, an anniversary, a great change in the life of a son, grandson, nephew, father or grandfather.
In the course of the year, you have a life parting with a person that you will be prepared for. There will be no surprise around this event.
Some of you will have to resolve different situations, take care of a property that comes from your spouse's partner. 
For those of you who are about parting with a child due to study, work or marriage abroad, emotions will be very strong, restless and anxious. The good thing is that this will not be a long separation. This fact will make it easier for you to experience such an event.
This year there will be considerable chances for professional advancement. Some of you will unexpectedly decide to accept a new job proposal. Others will start a new business or activity with new business partners.
The year will favor people in the public service, those who have their own business or are engaged in public affairs.
2018 portends important trips regardless of distance. It may be part of a change in your personal or professional life.
It is possible to travel for tourism in a place that has a special meaning for you (mostly spiritually). 
The surprises of the year will be related to a conflict with a person with whom you have not had any problems before. That is why the separation will be too sudden and shocking for you.