Cancer Horoscope 2018

Ahead of you is a year of searching for answers to questions about things important for your life. You will be in the process of a transformation, of a change that, according to your personal level of development, can be realized this year. Of course, for some of you, this process will take one to three years.
In young women's horoscope, Cancer is a sign of greater sensitivity, I would say over-emotionality that can cause undesirable disputes and conflicts. Whether the approach is correct, the attempt of its imposition will be wrong. Overall for you young ladies, 2018 will be a time of concrete success and progress, but largely it will be dependent on your own self-control. 
For young Cancer men, 2018 will bring interesting proposals and opportunities for financial stabilization, providing better income, as well as providing the solution of an old monetary problem. Around you there will be many new people, and among them will emerge one special person who could be your soul mate, your true love.
Generally speaking, the representatives of Cancer will have a good financial year in which you will have income from different places or good financial investment with men.
In 2018 you will have meetings and conversations with relatives, with whom you will have to settle property rights, care for an inheritance or a rural property, etc. Some of you will assign property rights to other people in the family for different (practical) reasons.
2018 can be remembered by the return of a relative to his/her birthplace or returning to a close person in his/her native home. 
2018 indicates the birth of more boys or a special event involving a son, nephew, or another young relative. You will experience a particularly personal connection - a relationship or milestone associated with father and son. 
It is possible to give birth to a child who will take the name of your father or of your spouse's father.
Cancer men who are already parents will make an important decision or will take an important step related to the future of their child. 
2018 will be unpredictable in terms of your love relationships. Surprises in most cases will be enjoyable, but their realization will result in tears of your face or the face of another close person.
During the year there will be a change in the life of a child that will create emotional sadness or anxiety for parents, but it will actually be the beginning of a successful period for him or her.
This year, many will take a change associated with a new home or major repairs at home. The year poses a chance of inheriting a property or letting your property as an inheritance or donation.
Whatever you do this year will be for good according to your own understanding. 
In 2018 you will receive invitations for various gatherings related to your relatives, such as an engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthdays and more. You will definitely be present with those who are close to you. Much more serious reflection or planning will be required by those who will have to travel a further distance.
Unmarried representatives of the sign are likely to receive a marriage proposal, but it will be up to you whether you will accept it. Many will not be in a hurry because of uncertainty in feeling or unwillingness to bind. 
During the year you will have to take care or help in some way to solve a health problem of a person close to you. Perhaps it will be a relative of your intimate or marital partner. Whatever the problem is, it will have a favorable development.
In 2018, you will experience with greater anxiety a change in work that will actually be successful for you. 
During the year, avoid making pre-financing plans that you would expect from a variety of sources. In most cases, it will happen that you will remain deceived in something, and another will surprise you pleasantly.
Avoid insecure or unclear, illegal sources of income - nothing good will come from them.
In 2018, many will gather their families if they are separated by distances or boundaries. It is possible to travel far beyond where your relatives live. This will be a good year for family business related to transport, tourism, labor, and others, but also for those of you who have already learned lessons from past mistakes and omissions in their work.
During the year, unexpected costs or financial problems related to a mother, daughter or other close relative will occur. 
If you are expecting financial support from such a woman, the probability of this happening is not great.
In general, as I wrote above in the Horoscope 2018, it will be hard to realize your monetary expectations. You will not have crises, but things will have their own development.
The surprise for 2018 will be related to unexpected trouble that will occur in the life of your female friend. It may in some way involve you in these problems. It is also possible to end such a friendship for various personal or life reasons.

Cancer Horoscope 2017

This year you will depend in many ways on the actions and decisions of a man who could be your relative, partner or manager.
You will need to take care of your own health or change your lifestyle.
There will be an important presence in your life, a person born under the sign of Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo.
Overall, before you is a year during which you will have a lot of positive emotions.
During the year you will have to deal with documents, contracts or other types of documentation related to housing or property you own (you or your family as a whole).
It will be imperative for you to consider repair and change at home.
You will have quite serious costs, but they will be for the good.
At the end of the year, you will have something to enjoy as a success or performance.
In 2017 you will be able to realize your plans related to the family or your marriage.
The changes that will occur in the public plan will make you more cohesive and more responsive to stabilizing your family as a whole.
Possible changes, repairs and renovations, replacement of equipment or furniture will develop.
There will be an unexpected conflict related to common property or undivided property, but you will find a good solution to this problem.
The events in your family this year will be with the idea to have a good perspective, to be useful and successful for years to come ...
2017 isn`t a favorable year for lawsuits. If such a situation occurs, it most likely is due to unexpected circumstances for you, your involvement in this case under duress, and others.
If unfortunately it happens, beso beware of false promises, overconfidence of lawyers or witnesses attempting manipulation that will turn against you.
It will be a favorable year for travel, especially if by family any reason, it is with family members.
It will be a successful year for work related to transportation, tourism, communications, online sales, courier services, using various media, advertising and more.
For some of you there will arise possibilities for a ,relocation of residence, which will be a successful change for you.
There may be possible concerns related to the parent most likely a father or male relative.
You will have specific expectations about important things concerning a parent or relative born under the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius.
In young men, love life will be complicated, with some crashes and then new beginnings.
Especially unpredictable will be your love life if you have a partner born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.
Separation mayl happen with a son or grandson due to education, work or other life reasons.
Women over 35 years will have to pay more attention to their health. It is not something that should scare you in advance, but you should not ignore certain symptoms of malaise.
There will be problems or new unexpected situations at work for Cancer women.
An interesting development will occur in your professional or business contacts with people born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.
Unexpected money or profit in will appear in your family.
Suddenly a proposal will develop for a man of your family, which will be an opportunity for higher earnings this year.
Completion of a loan or mortgage will occur in an unexpected way for you.
Married people of the sign will have interesting relationships with family members of your partner. You may get financial assistance to be favored by some way through your connections with them. There will be a betrothal or a wedding of a relative, a friend from samong your intimate friends or your spouse's side of the family.
Family business with relatives of your partner will have a chance of success this year.
An unpleasant event will involve a child or your young friends who will be traveling or are located abroad.
There will be conflict with your own child who has friends that you do not like because of their understandings, religious beliefs or activities.
In your public and professional life there will be trouble or you will seek to resolve difficulties with the help of government, taxation, banking, judicial institutions and others. Avoid extra stress and conflicts and disputes with people born under the sign of Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo.This will be a year that you can get rid of property or items that are a financial burden, if you have no real need for them.
In young women, however, there is a likelihood of getting some kind of inheritance, benefit by relatives, transfer of property rights and others.
Be careful with your car as you use it and how you store it.
The year will show a special generosity towards men over 35 years. Be grateful for everything you give, even if you do not like it initially. This year will give you things that will be the basis for success in the next one - two years.