Gemini Horoscope 2018

Ahead of you is a year in which events will have particular importance related to your parents or a male relative. You will have certain household-related commitments to your parents, with their property or obligations.
The year will give you a wide variety of opportunities in one or another sphere of life. The important thing for you will be to properly sort true and perspective things from those that will bring you a quick but temporary success. 
Do not be impressed by tempting suggestions because they will not be what you expect. Have faith in your own destiny and the good things in your life will definitely happen.
This year, the better financial or material opportunities for you will have some connection with another location, with people from different cities, countries or nationalities. 
You can achieve financial success or better-paid work through travel, tourism, long-distance activities, foreign customers and companies, and more.
There will be an important development in your relationships with men who are your relatives: brother, brother-in-law, uncle or cousins. Your friendly relationships with men will also have an interesting development. With some of them, you will have to split (separate) because of various life reasons.
More complicated or difficult to predict will be your relationship with older men or with girls and young women. 
At the beginning, I wrote that a special importance during the year will involve your relationship with a parent. In most cases, it involves mother or paternal grandmother. There are important decisions and changes with such personality. In some cases, you may engage in a legal settlement of common family documents, wills, pensions, etc.
The year will not be so favorable for the birth of a child. Those of you who are in anticipation of this will have an heir with a strong and hard character, sometimes with manifestations of more stubbornness or conceit. 
If you have a child born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, the year indicates unexpected events.
Professionally it will be hard to achieve your expectations. You will sometimes have to clash with others, defend your position, and so on. The year portend more trouble at work, but they are neither random nor will they create an unsolvable crisis. 
This year will be important to many of you in terms of family property, a new home or other important commitment of a property nature. You will have your optimistic moments, you will have moments of panic. Overall, the year will not disappoint you in your expectations. Be prepared to overcome temporary difficulties and obstacles.
Unexpected repairs or damage are possible that will require new equipment or furniture in your home. 
2018 brings interesting events through your married or intimate partner. You will have different (in most cases pleasant) occasions to gather with your relatives. Possiblythere will be an engagement, wedding, or the birth of a child in a relative's home by your spouse?.
For unmarried representatives of Gemini, 2018 portends cohabitation or marriage. In most cases, this will be a partner in whose home, city or country you will need to move. 
This year, health problems can temporarily stress young Gemini men. Whatever the problem is, it will have adequate treatment and rapid recovery.
The year will be conducive to the development of the foreign connections of almost all the representatives of this zodiacal sign. Only greater attention will be paid to young men.
This year, unexpected events or changes will occur in your public or political activities, interests, or appearances. You will be disappointed in an activity that will cool your enthusiasm for a long time.
2018 brings more babies to your circle of relatives or friends. You will often go to various gatherings or holidays related to a baby or children.
The surprises 2018 will prepare for Geminis will have a connection with new friendships, with strange or popular personalities, unexpected money or a financial document in your favor (benefit).

Gemini Horoscope 2017

This year will be promising for young women Gemini. Forthcoming your meetings, conversations, contracts and agreements that will improve your material and financial condition.
An important event in your home associated with a girl or young woman.
A journey that will meet you or gather with new people.
Favorable year to move or stay for a longer time elsewhere (outside your home).
You will have more costs associated with your home or with additional property that you own. Beware of unnecessary expenses for your home or for something which would prove unnecessarily expensive. Check for better offers and proposals when you engage in actions involving the home.
There will be important gathering in your home for which you will make special arrangements or for which you will invite special guests.
Beware of outside encroachment by people with dishonest intentions.
There will be a parting from relatives, neighbors or friends born under the sign of Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo.
There will be a new person in your home, most likely born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.
2017 will bring protection to the family. Will survive because of relationships built on trust, reciprocity, understanding and respect.
Others will be replaced with something more valuable and more stable.
Often, conflicts will arise, but they will be rather a manifestation of emotions or sensitivity on certain issues involving your family or your marriage.
This will be a favorable year for the development of a common family business or joint family matters, especially if you have a partner, a representative of air or water zodiac signs.
This year will bring certain expectations for your financial affairs. To a large extent, they will relate to people in your immediate surroundings, relatives, or within a family business.
An unforeseen situation will arise that will require your quick actions and decisions.
You will have money dálings with people born under the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius.
Conflict with a young man will be connected with money that will have an unexpected development and a favorable conclusion.
Good income through their work can be expected by men over 35 years.
You will have more costs associated with children or young people.
Women over 35 can enjoy the money they will receive from another location or will which they will invest in a trip.
Young women will appreciate a proposal that will bring a good income.
During this year, a lawsuit of a financial nature will develop successfully for you.
The health of a man who does not live with you in a same home like you will be care or concern.
Whatever financial problems arise during the year for you, they are mostly a consequence of your mistakes, hasty action, thoughtless purchases and investments and others.
Expect this year gathering with relatives from far and near in some important occasion for your family. You will have more frequent short trips in the country in which you live.
Can you make feel sad effect on male relative born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio with one of his important decision or action without asking your opinion or advice.
Conflict with children or for children mainly connected in any way with money.
Good development of a family business or a business from home can may expect women over 35 years.
Important events in your home throughout the year will be triggered by various actions of people born under the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius.
During the year, you can expect a new person in your home born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.
Men up to 35 years can expect to encounter or return to their lives (such as friendship, partnership) of an old love, sympathy. 
This year portends good events for Gemini parents who have a daughter or granddaughter abroad. You would rather track events there than to have a real meeting with her.
2017 is a year of big changes in your public or political life and events. If you have not been active in this area, now you should become active or, get involved in a charity. However, if you've ever been a part of a public or political organization, there may occur in 2017 in your participation.
You can receive an important document from your mother, grandmother or a maternal female relative.
A proposal for work or business will come through a woman. It will be not bad if it matches with what you want for yourself.
The surprise for 2017 will be the wedding of your friends or distant relatives with whom you have contact.