Leo Horoscope 2018

For you born under the sign of Leo, the major events in 2018 will always have a connection with the family or with relatives from near and far.
With lots of things or people, you'll be parting with them. For many things, you will have occasion to rejoice. On many things or people you will turn your back, so that you can realize the change that is so important to you. It will be your priority in 2018, a goal that you will have to pursue purposefully.
Many events are waiting for you, some of which will be fast-paced. Others will make you nervous with their slow rate of change. Change will, however, be due to the development of other, important circumstances for you. 
During the year, you will have financial relations with a man (most likely from your family, relatives) which you are not currently planning (ie before the beginning of 2018).
In 2018, you will attend a wedding to which you will be invited by the groom.
Surprises this year may involve pregnancy or childbirth. Possible false or unwanted pregnancies, pregnancy or child abuse, etc. 
During the year you will be able to rely on help or understanding of a relative. More often, however, it will be a woman or women. With them, you can have interesting and useful financial relations.
Some Leo women will be able to benefit financially in one way or another through a woman.
During the year there will be some troubles that can delay a journey important to you.
You can move to another place and this will happen after a period of difficulty. 
However, the difficulties may be related to your own adaptation.
Your love affairs will be delicate and problematic with a partner who lives abroad or who is a foreigner.
This year, you will have to take care of someone's health. Whatever the problem, he or she will require hospital treatment for a period of time. 
In 2018 the beginning of family life will engage many of the young representatives of the zodiac Leo. This is especially true for women.
During the year, a court or legal institution will be contacted on important family matters.
The year portends a change of the family character of a girl in your circle relatives. 
A friendship in 2018 will begin quickly and quickly will end. The trace it will leave behind will be for a lifetime.
In the course of the year, your foreign connections will be interesting. Many representatives of the zodiac sign Leo will be looking to set up a new place for greater security, a healthier lifestyle, and more. Some of you will make the decision to invest abroad. 
A wage-related conflict can create trouble at home or at work. You can create costs that are too risky, unprofitable and cause you a loss.
There will be a surprise in 2018: you will experience an incident or life drama related to a boy or a young man.
What will pleasantly surprise you in 2018? Above all, through your work or business. There will be new or interesting opportunities. Unexpected suggestions or opportunities (chances) will arise. Surprises will happen in other spheres of your life, but they are still in the secret box that you will open yourself in 2018.

Leo Horoscope 2017

Accurate Horoscope Leo 2017.In 2017, you might have to take care of the health of woman relative. It is possible that health or personal problems in the life of a woman who is your relative to be a reason to change your plans and priorities. Possibly a move will be necessary.
The year will be remembered because of a visit that you will take to the house of relatives or friends for a period of time. Of course, the opposite is also possible, a visit to your home by friends and relatives for a period of time.
The year will be remembered by an event associated with the birth of a girl child.
In 2017 there will be a need for serious repairs to your home, construction, or further building of new additions to the home that you already have.
Surprising events associated with receiving a new home or property can be expected by young men. It is also possible to move to a new house/residency.
Overall, the year will encourage and help plans and objectives related to your home.
There will be more frequent guests or gatherings in your home, with or without occasion.
This year, many events that are important to your family will relate to travel with people from other places, from another country.
There will be planned visit or gathering with relatives from afar.
There may be a separation due to travel or a move away.
There will be a big impact on your family and your family relationship by a woman who may be a relative of your partner or have another relationship with your family.
There will be a wedding, where the bride will be your relative or friend.
During the year, there may be a conflict between a brother and sister, a friend or girlfriend born before 1981. The reason for the conflict will be a third person of your own sex.
Many will have to travel this year to settle a document of a financial nature. Some of you may commute to work elsewhere for a period of time in order to financially support a family or save money for a home, education and others.
When you discuss or solve financial matters or disputes with relatives (but not parents) avoid any dishonest or manipulative acts and be careful not to tolerate similar actions against you.
You will need to take responsibility and care for property connected with your parents or relatives. Commitments may be related to documents, an insurance policy, repairs and for obtaining rights of ownership.
Your love life will largely be influenced by people born under the sign of Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus.
If you have a child born into one of these three zodiacal signs with a milestone  coming in his life during the year, in early 2017 you will begin to prepare or you will consider various options associated with it.
2017 is the year that things can change significantly in your work, but they will not be pre-planned or expected. They will be a consequence of sudden and rapidly developing events. But before that will happen a new opportunity will come along that will change your life in the next one - two years in a much better direction.
This will be a year in which many people born under the sign of Leo will rejoice because of a child or grandchild. There will be a birth of a child in your family which, besides the above, may be your nephew, niece and others.
Change in your life will be connected to a child or because of a child.
Unmarried men born after 1981 may create their own family thanks to dating, which will be realized because of other people in your immediate surroundings or acquaintances.
There may be a wedding, which may be related to the parent of your spouse or relatives of his / her side.
2017 will be a year in which women over 35 years will cud an accident, which will come out successfully. It can be both physically and emotionally challenging.
This year will be favorable for the development of your foreign relations, especially with women.
There will be anxiety or panic associated with woman living or residing in another country.
Progressive development and social progress of a friend or someone who is connected to your home will adversely affect your personal relationships. There will be a greater workload between both of you, because of the distance of your contacts or other influences.
Many of you will continue to contribute financially to your relatives, but this year it will be more difficult for you for various reasons. It is possible that you will cancel aid or incur some kind of difficulty for yourself.
The surprise of the year will be associated with an unexpected treat for you; therapy, dentistry, plastic or other types of surgery and more. The word "surprise" may be exaggerated because to some extent you will have a premonition or expectation of such an event.