Libra Horoscope 2018

Those born under the sign of Libra this year will be surprised by situations that will initially create moments of panic and anxiety. Disoriented in certain situations, you will be prone to conflict or rupture with people. In fact, any such experience will be much easier to solve. Be careful with your reactions! The key to this is patience!
Many of you will be looking to work from home, online counseling, services, shopping, advertising, and more. The year will be favorable for a family business, for investing money in a property or a new home, etc.
During the year, expect important events or a major change in the life of your sister, niece or other young relatives. 
In the course of the year, you will often be distant from parents or from your home country for various reasons, mostly trips.
In 2018 you will be involved in difficulties in parents' lives related to their losses, failures, and so on.
It is also possible a life separation with an older relative or a relative by the father's line.
On an emotional level, you will have expected and unexpected ups and downs. In this sphere of your life, things will be inconsistent and variable. Overall, nothing will surprise you, regardless of the evolution of each situation.
For some of you, 2018 marks the beginning of a new romantic relationship after a difficult separation. For others, the separation will be the end of an agony or a burden.
In a professional and business plan, 2018 will give you serious reasons to think about a change you need.
There will be much trouble in your workplace, or you will feel much negative energy around you. 
2018 will be a good year for everything related to your family, especially if you have already created your own.
Unmarried representatives of Libra Zodiac will have a favorable time for marriage and the birth of a child. You will be successful in other affairs related to your marriage.
You will now find a solution to serious problems or disagreements in your relationship.
In this year, your close relative will either go abroad or return from abroad.
Perhaps you or your relative will be in hospital for a short time for treatment or therapy. It will be important to follow the physician's recommendations and to avoid arbitrary action.
If you are engaged in a public or political activity, you will be subjected to dishonest action by your adversaries or defectors. Be careful with your surroundings and the people you need to communicate with.
2018 will not be conducive to moving to a place of residence outside your own country.
The development of a child (most likely a boy) will be the basis of our important commitments. But you are likely to force him to do something you like, but not he.
Follow his talents and aspirations, not your own desires.
During the year, you may have concerns or commitments related to a property that will have a relationship with your mother, grandmother or other relative.
During the year your mother, girlfriend or neighbor will need financial support. You will not be able to help in this particular situation. The good thing is that the problem will find another good solution anyway.
The surprise for 2018 will be related to a journey that will be particularly important for women over 35 years of age.
The year will be conducive to the development of foreign links for Libra men.
Women under the age of 35 will receive an important proposal or invitation that will underpin a major change in life.

Libra Horoscope 2017

This year you will have concrete plans and commitments relating to the dwelling where you live. Possibly there will be a change of some kind, including major repairs or moving to a new home. 
It will be a favorable year for the purchase of an additional or holiday home.
This year there will be a discussion about the beginning of a private or shared (with relatives) business. Those of you who work at home can hope of success in a personal studio, office or other.You will be creating significant new and promising relations with people born under the sign of Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo.
Home: Conflicts in your home or with relatives can disrupt your relationship with them for a long time.
Probably there will be a life parting with an adult relative or a woman, one of your relatives / someone from your circle of friends.
Many of you will deal with hereditary cases, commitments with hereditary property,the residence of parents, or other relatives.
You will be able to realize an important plan linked to the home, but it will not be easy.
Family: This year, you may expect a lot of work. The family will stay behind you a little so as to help you realize your important objectives.
This will be a favorable year to start or develop a family business. There will be the possibility of changes and shifts in work or your business, a chance to favorably alter some things in your family.
In young men, marriage will be subjected to more tensions and conflicts easily will arise.
Expect an event associated with engagement or wedding, which you will have participants or will be invited.
There will be more serious health problems with a member of your family.
This year will have a chance to develop your old ideas and plans. There will be unexpected new opportunities for them. Be careful, however, with whom and how you are bound in their realization. If they are associated with documents or contracts to be careful in their signature.
The year as a whole will be conducive to your financial affairs. Sometimes there may be tense moments related action from which you expect concrete benefits or worry about an important but expensive cost of funds.
You may find that you  can have interesting financial attitudes and actions with people born under the sign of Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer.
The year will be remembered with various events in your family and in your circle of relatives, but above all with those who live in another town or country. In the year ahead you will have close contacts on special occasions or at meetings, gatherings, or on holidays and vacations.
During the year, a new person will come into your family circle, such as a daughter, son in law, child, grandchild and others.
This year will be interesting with different important events related to a grandfather, father, brother or son in law.
Most of them are associated with gatherings on special occasions.
The year will bring joy to Libra men who have a son or grandson.
With unexpected money, profit from lottery or gambling may surprise you 2017. The regular participation with a small amount of money will be rewarded, but do not dream of impossible things.
Unexpected money from a child or for a child.
Year will bring new opportunities for work in another city or country. Will such opportunity arise or you will receive such a proposal, the other things will depend on your own desire, ambition and the will to change.
Interesting news from afar you will get through people Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.
Invitation for travel related to a holiday or pleasant meetings with old and new friends.
The marriage of Libra people this year is unlikely to be threatened by problems that cannot be resolved. Financial stability in your home will be important for the stability of your marriage, so attention must be directed precisely to the improvement of your family budget.
There will be the possibility of unexpected income or higher revenues this year, but they will largely be unexpected or one-time income.
Woman on your spouse's side or your mate's side will involved in an important event this year. For each one it will be different, sometimes good, sometimes not so.
During the year, you will have frequent dreams associated with a close woman from Beyond.
The year will portend a difficult realization abroad for young women, or minor success compared to the previous one - two years. It will be difficult to implement plans linked to the purchase of some kind of property.
Issues of property for women born before 1982 will be related to property that is located in another town or country.
Change related to your current job is unlikely to be planned in advance. Problems may arise related to your desire to change jobs or profession.
Trouble in the love life of a couple (relatives or friends) will lead to the inevitable separation between them. How you yourself will have a "participation" in these events will be different for each of you. Wherever and with whom will be related to this separation, there will be no turning back.
The year can surprise you with pregnancy, an unexpected change in education, or the career of a child. An interesting development will provide a career for those of you who work with children (such as doctors, teachers, animators, producers of goods for children, etc.)