Pisces Horoscope 2018

Ahead of you is a year of changes that will mostly be in residence, workplaces or are connected with your family status.
Many will move to live or work in another city or country. Many will change their jobs, start a new degree or new business. 
Surprises during the year will vary, but pay special attention when dealing with financial documents. It is possible to be deluded in your expectations. If you are applying for a loan, be sure you understand the terms of its repayment correctly. If you make a new employment contract pay attention not only to salary, but also to possible penalties, fines, etc. 
This year, beware of your financial activities with relatives, such as brother or sister, cousins, uncle or aunt, etc. It is possible for such people to have financial difficulties or to experience some loss. You will be sad because your ability to help will be limited.
During the year the possible increase in the composition of your family. It is possible to return a person from your home after staying abroad, barracks, long sailing and more. 
During the year, there will be various worries or concerns about a child.
Your love life will also be unstable by changing good and bad periods. When it's difficult for you, you'll be inclined to reinforce the tragedy of overcrowding. When you are happy you will think your happiness will be short. Adjust timely such thoughts and attitudes.
2018 can bring you success and satisfaction from your work or business. Your bad periods there will be related to conflicts or conflicting personalities if you allow such events to occur. 
Otherwise, you risk changing your job just because you lack sufficient control over your own emotions and moods.
2018 will be unpredictable in terms of your ties to overseas.
If you have business interests related to foreigners or companies from other countries, keep any kind of documentation under control. Difficulties may arise for those of you who are engaged in importing or exporting various goods or services.
If you plan to move in another city or country during the year, preparing for it will be an important part of your success or failure. If you miss the small details you will have big problems.
Overall, the year will favor such moves, but that does not mean being superficial and relying solely on your luck and your chance.
An unpleasant incident during a trip you will be witnessing may be a reason to be a participant in a lawsuit, probation, and more.
During the year you will find a way back to a broken friendship. You will be able to make the necessary compromise or forget the past to build a new friendship based on bitter experience of life.
At the same time this year you are going to part with a woman: a relative or a friend, which will be an event with a certain purpose for your future.
Surprise this year in one way or another will be related to a girl with an expected or unexpected pregnancy, childbirth, etc.
This year, an important role in the lives of young women Pisces will play a father or other adult male relative. You will get important help, advice or chance through such a person.
Young men will have a desire to get a better paid job, a new home or another new venture that will require some investment. You will make a variety of contacts and meetings to find help, followers, credit.
A middle-aged man will have a good year for homework. 
Unmarried Pisces will have a proposal for cohabitation or marriage, which should not be rushed. Feelings should not blur your mind and interfere with your correct judgment. You may need some additional conversations on the subject. Consider the changes in work or family that will occur as a result of such a decision on your part. 
Family members of Pisces or those who have had their marriage in the past may have different events related to relatives of the current or former spouse. Perhaps it is a person born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo, with whom you will have common actions, decisions or court cases of a property nature.
In some cases, you may have a new home thanks to the actions of your partner's relatives and heritage.

Pisces Horoscope 2017

2017 will be a special year for you in which you will realize personal and professional success.
It will be a favorable year for resolving residential or property questions, especially if you are involved in a lawsuit of this nature.
You can expect an increase in your income.
The year, however, will be very intense and often conflicts or disputes will arise with people from your home or from your professional environment.
Home: During the year, you will be able to set up on a new home, your own residency.
It will be a favorable year for buying a holiday home, an investment in a vacation home or a business property.
During the year you can start construction or reconstruction of an already owned property.
If you are in need of financial assistance, you will be able to find the necessary resources for this.
Family: 2017 is a time when you can expect significant changes in your career or your business that could change the lives of your family.
This will be a favorable year for a family business, or a move to a new job in another city or country.
Woman of your family will return after a period of residence in another place or will go for a certain period of time to live away from you.
There will be a wedding in the family, which is about one of the newlyweds leaving their birthplace.
There will be changes in the family status for some women over 35 years of age.
This year you will experience important events at home or in your family connected with a boy or young man born under the sign of Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo.
For men over 35 year the year 2017 could bring significant financial success and increase of income. Possible signing of an important contract or agreement of a financial nature.
During the year you will travel due your financial interests, settling financial document (sale) or receive money from afar.
Beneficial for your financial relationships with people Gemini, Libra or Aquarius most likely from your kinship circle, but those who live in another city or country.
Very delicate will be for some of you relationship with parents due to problems, situations or events related to your own child or grandchild.
Love life of those born under the sign of Pisces in 2017 will be too unstable emotionally and likelihood of various changes. Your relationship no matter how stable is will now undergo certain tests.
During the year, will arise a new idea, proposal or project related to your career or business. You will tend to follow, listen to the advice of friends or colleagues and take a change or take an important decision in this plan.
Good development will have some general plans and commitments, creative projects and presentations. 
If you have a partner born under the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius, then your marriage relationship will go through a period of trouble, which will have to overcome together or will test your relationships.
Flirting or romantic relationship in your workplace, University/colleage or under your business contacts can this year to grow into a cohabitation or marriage. The surprise here would be that both sides had no such expectations or plans at the beginning of this acquaintance.
The year will be favorable for the development of foreign relations, travel abroad, work abroad or marriage abroad for women over 35 years of age.
This will be a favorable year for public or political activity, for active charity events and more. Some of you may even commit very seriously to a political party, an idea or a cause.
For young women under 35, the year portends a difficult relationship with women, a mother, sister, grandmother and with female friends or female colleagues. Contradictions, tensions and even an exchange of insults and accusations will easily explode.
The surprise event this year will be related or to your relocation or someone will move to live / work with you.