Sagittarius Horoscope 2018

Ahead of you is a year in which you will experience unexpected twists of your fate. You will receive a rejection of your offer or you will experience disappointment with your hope. By experiencing such an event you will get a new, much better opportunity for your personal development. This is particularly true for your career or social life. 
Many of you will have commitments related to legacy, wills, and similar actions.
You will have occasion to rejoice in the proceeds of money. Their sources will be different, but they will certainly not be just your work.
During the year you will receive a document that will benefit you financially. 
This year, you may experience with your sister or other close relative their personal family problems or misfortunes.
Trouble can arise with your more distant relatives which will have a relationship with your past experiences. 
During the year, you will have difficulty associated with a male relative; this will probably be a father, grandfather, older brother and others. Events will rather focus on a person living off of you, a man of a difficult nature, or anintolerant (conservative) person. 
It is possible to have a more difficult relationship with a father or a paternity commitment. 
The year will be favorable for trips for pleasure, for meetings with relatives (especially children and young people). This will be a good time to develop romantic relationships with a partner from another location, country, or another nationality.
For some of you, there will be an important acquisition or pleasant emotions related to a property in another village, city or country. 
The career or education of girls or young Sagittarius women will go in a constructive direction with the discovery of new opportunities and success.
Expect the appearance of a baby girl or a young woman in your immediate circle of relatives. 
During the year into the foreground will come ideas for developing your family business or business of your parents or children. This will be a good year for such plans and actions. You will also be able to benefit from the help of helpful or influential people.
This year's income from your work will definitely increase. 
Your intimate relationship will have an interesting development during the year.  You will realize that besides the physical closeness between you there is another type of attraction or need to be together. For many, such a relationship this year will grow into marital cohabitation. 
The year will also be beneficial for starting an intimate or romantic relationship that will appear in an unexpected way for you. 
For men, an unpleasant conflict with a man will challenge important relationships or plans. Learn to take events more philosophically and avoid confrontations or uncontrollable emotional reactions. 
During the year, a health problem will arise, which will not be serious as long as you pay attention to it and do not overlook the symptoms. Such a frivolous attitude can create unnecessary complications for you in the future. 
If you are engaging in a political or social activity, you can have your "star moments" if you keep honesty and loyalty in relationships and actions.
The female presence in your circle of relatives or friends and the events you will experience with them will sometimes bring you sadness or disappointment. This is definitely will not be about a drama....
The surprise of 2018 will in some way be related to pregnancy, a baby or a child.