Scorpio Horoscope 2018

Those born under the sign of Scorpio will have a very strong personal year. Now you will be able to showcase your true qualities and talents. First of all, change will start from the home you live in: as a place, as a setting or the with the people you live with together.
Remember that this year you will be able to achieve a great deal if you start changing from where you live or from a change in your lifestyle.
During the year, you have a life break with someone in your circle of relatives. This will bring you emotions that will take away your energy and you will return to various memories of your common past. It is possible to be a person born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo, but not necessarily. 
During the year, more attention, more engagement or care will be required by a woman: your mother or grandmother. Above all, her health will be a concern for a given period of time. There will be a possible hospital treatment, special therapy or diet.
If you have a romantic relationship (no marriage), beware of your total financial interests or investments. Be very sensible and practical in your financial affairs. There is no time for financial action based on trust or a word (promise).
Those of you who have sons or grandchildren will give rise to a variety of unrest related to their education, careers, public appearances, or socio-political activity.
The year indicates the birth of a male child in your circle of relatives or close friends, neighbors. 
In 2018, your family will be subjected to psychological pressure mostly from relatives who have their own serious problems. Their conflicts will fill you up or engage you in unpleasant situations. From the very beginning, make it clear that you do not want to be involved in such complicated cases.
The family members of the Zodiac sign Scorpio will have the occasion for joy over various events in the life of relatives on the part of the spouse. It can delight engagement, wedding, childbirth, public success or successful business, and more.
In the course of the year, many will find favorable opportunities for working abroad or working with a foreign company, foreigners, and others.
Your expectations of career development: a career or business will have a great chance of happening as you have set yourself. 
During the year there will be an unexpected opportunity to sell or buy something that is important to you. Surprises can come through a material acquisition, money or financial document.
During the year, you may experience separation or a crisis in your relationship with your mother, girlfriend or mother-to-mother relationship. After a period of emotional or mental crisis, a time will come in which you will feel satisfied and relaxed.
The surprise for young Scorpio women will be to engage them in an unpleasant situation. However, its development will turn surprisingly into a favorable situation to achieve some progress, success, a new start.
For many men, 2018 will provide the opportunity for a new job or business related to travel, tourism, transport, communications and more. But be prepared to overcome various obstacles, difficulties, delaying actions, and more.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017

This year you will find out one way or another that nothing in life granted forever.
Separations or losses that you will experience in a personal, professional or physical plan will be part of your life experiences. 
Necessity of accumulation of certain experience. 
You will experience a transition from one life cycle to another.
An important event will occur during the year that will be linked to a woman in your home or from within your close kinship circle.
There will be radical changes in in the home of women over 35 years of age.
Home: This year you may see an extension in your family. Your relatives may come to live with you for a period of time or you may go to the home of relatives and stay there for a period of time.
There will be an increase of your family with new member, a new baby or pet.
Almost all of you will be able to solve the housing problem or set up a suitable home for this stage of your life.
Family: This year you will have your difficult moments in the family.  Unexpected situations will be introduced, which emotionally will involve more stress.
Important or large gathering of family character will relate to a girl or young woman.
Overall, this year will give you the opportunity to realize your family plans, especially those for which you have taken enough time to consider and plan.
You will receive a document important to your family, concerning property rights or long-awaited news. 
The fact that this year will involve an extremely important change for you should not cause you to be fearful or concerned about your future. In most cases when it comes to change, you have been very cautious at times because of fear, insecurity or other reasons. Now fate will put you in a situation where the need to change cannot be avoided.
There is not  a general rule for this change because for each of you, it will happen in different ways.
During the year, opportunities will arise for men ages up to 35 years for financial stabilization, progress, and prosperity. For you for some reason there will be an important relationship with Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo people, but also much will be related to Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio people. 
Young Scorpio women will also have opportunities, but they will largely relate to family and with people who are associated in some way with their family.
In men over 35 years there will occur an opportunity for better income through work or business, or relations with women.
Tension may arise in the year with your parents, especially if you have a brother or sister. You may yourself be mislead with wrong thoughts, impressions, jealousy and a load of unwanted negative emotions. The good news is that you will quickly realize the fallacy: on your own or with the help of your parents.
During the year, you may find that you are a big help to your parents in their emotional, difficult situation. 
Children, despite the care and concerns that they will have around them (as always), will have a special occasion for joy, especially if you have a child born under the sign of Leo, Sagittarius or Aries.
It is possible that you will not provide much support or provide wise counsel to your children situation in difficult situations.
The birth of a child in the family will occur after overcoming some difficult times and trials.
2017 will be a favorable year for work related to travel, for business trips or for business with people and companies from other settlements.
It will be a favorable year for travel, for education, or for work in another city or country.
This will greatly influence your own child.
In some cases during the year Scorpions may be traveling in order to have surgical treatment for infertility, applying for adoption or other similar acts. 
This year, business favorable for your family will include your grown-up children or grandchildren.
Possible family investments during the year will be associated with a large family home, business, prudent investment of family funds and others.
You will be asked for financial help from a friend, but you yourself will decide if you can give help or not. There is no general rule for this.
During the year there will be problems with the health of a loved one (probably on your partner's side) born under the sign of Aquarius, Libra or Gemini.
Problems and disagreements will arise with neighbors, but you will find a compromise or reasonable solution to your problems with them.
Soon many of you will rely more on the philosophical view of things in life or you will seek for faith and hope in religion as a source of human wisdom and self-knowledge. To what extent 2017 will be successful or unsuccessful for you will depend on spiritual and philosophical understandings of bad events and people in your life and opportunity through various tests to turn yourself into a better person. That means that you should not take hardships as a punishment or problem in your personality, but as an opportunity for internal growth.
Public and political contacts of women over 35 years will be even greater and will open new opportunities for expression.
This year you may receive a proposal to occupy a post or participate in a large public or political event. 
During the year events associated with changes in job or business of mother, a female friend, or some other close woman,  will occur which would be kind of unfair to her. And if all that happens, it will be an unexpected or inexplicable at first glance; fairly soon another, better opportunity for her will quickly arise.
Some areas of your life and the events related to them in 2017 are difficult to predict.
First of all, surprises will occur in events related to marriage, to your family, to your love life and with most of your expectations and in 2017 there will be a pre-disposition for one or another event. Today your idea for 2017 will be quite different from reality, but not for bad ....