Scorpio Horoscope 2018

Those born under the sign of Scorpio will have a very strong personal year. Now you will be able to showcase your true qualities and talents. First of all, change will start from the home you live in: as a place, as a setting or the with the people you live with together.
Remember that this year you will be able to achieve a great deal if you start changing from where you live or from a change in your lifestyle.
During the year, you have a life break with someone in your circle of relatives. This will bring you emotions that will take away your energy and you will return to various memories of your common past. It is possible to be a person born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo, but not necessarily. 
During the year, more attention, more engagement or care will be required by a woman: your mother or grandmother. Above all, her health will be a concern for a given period of time. There will be a possible hospital treatment, special therapy or diet.
If you have a romantic relationship (no marriage), beware of your total financial interests or investments. Be very sensible and practical in your financial affairs. There is no time for financial action based on trust or a word (promise).
Those of you who have sons or grandchildren will give rise to a variety of unrest related to their education, careers, public appearances, or socio-political activity.
The year indicates the birth of a male child in your circle of relatives or close friends, neighbors. 
In 2018, your family will be subjected to psychological pressure mostly from relatives who have their own serious problems. Their conflicts will fill you up or engage you in unpleasant situations. From the very beginning, make it clear that you do not want to be involved in such complicated cases.
The family members of the Zodiac sign Scorpio will have the occasion for joy over various events in the life of relatives on the part of the spouse. It can delight engagement, wedding, childbirth, public success or successful business, and more.
In the course of the year, many will find favorable opportunities for working abroad or working with a foreign company, foreigners, and others.
Your expectations of career development: a career or business will have a great chance of happening as you have set yourself. 
During the year there will be an unexpected opportunity to sell or buy something that is important to you. Surprises can come through a material acquisition, money or financial document.
During the year, you may experience separation or a crisis in your relationship with your mother, girlfriend or mother-to-mother relationship. After a period of emotional or mental crisis, a time will come in which you will feel satisfied and relaxed.
The surprise for young Scorpio women will be to engage them in an unpleasant situation. However, its development will turn surprisingly into a favorable situation to achieve some progress, success, a new start.
For many men, 2018 will provide the opportunity for a new job or business related to travel, tourism, transport, communications and more. But be prepared to overcome various obstacles, difficulties, delaying actions, and more.