Taurus Horoscope 2018

It is a year in which your relationships with foreigners or persons abroad will be important to the success of certain plans and expectations.
One of your main concerns this year will be related to the health of a close person. It may be associated with an old disease, with long-term treatment during the year, and so on.
Your family relationships will be put to the test, especially in relationships where the ego of one of the partners deprives the life and activity of the other partner. 
During the year, you will have good incomes as well as opportunities for well-paid work. Ideas or engagements can now arise to bring you extra income or new business. Pay attention to similar actions with people you consider to be close friends.
During the year you will have important meetings and conversations with relatives (especially those born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo). With them you will discuss in a general way family property, rental income, rent, etc.
Some of you will take action related to the sale or rent of a property.
Unexpected conflicts or changes at work (business) can lead to unforeseen situations in the life of a father or a man who is your relative.
In general, the lives of such relatives will be a series of unexpected or complex events at first glance.
During the year parents born under the sign of Taurus will have the expectation of returning a child to the family home. Or a child will leave home because of education, a new family, relocation to another location, etc.
Your expectations for your love life during the year will be far from reality. Leave the natural evolution of events. Try to accept what life will give you in 2018. Do not look for answers that you will find yourself in your near future.
This year will be important for the education or career of young men. Many will start a paid form of higher education, a master's degree, etc.
The year bodes flirtation or a new romantic relationship in your workplace with a person younger you.
During the year there will be an unpleasant moment related to travel. This may be a technical issue related to the vehicle you will use either with a document (ticket).
In 2018 you will have some difficulties with your relatives who live in another city or country.
For those of you for whom 2018 will pass under the sign of a divorce case, there will arise difficulties or unforeseen events related to rights over a child or children. 
During the year, you will have complex relationships with parents of your partner. In your opinion, they somehow adversely affect your own children's upbringing.
During the year, an unexpected situation will arise in connection with your travel abroad or with your relatives, friends who work or reside abroad.
Changing home or lodgings indicates 2018 for young Taurus women and girls. The reasons for this will vary, and this change does not mean a return.
During the year you will experience an unpleasant event, an affair with a woman under the age of 35.
The year brings pleasant events, joyful news about a mother, sister, or close friend. The luck that will be given to them will be important for you and your future.
A very strong year will be had by Taurus women over 35 years old. Things will sometimes happen unexpectedly and definitely in the best way for you.
The surprise of 2018 for some will be associated with unexpected money; for others with an important document (or contract); and for others with a new business, plan or position.