Virgo Horoscope 2018

Before representatives of Virgo is a year that you will remember with different experiences related to travel. You may visit exotic or unfamiliar places. You may move to live in another city or country. You may return to your home country after a period of stay outside of your borders. Soon you will have interesting, useful and impressive contacts with people from many different places. 
Avoid financial transactions, loans or other monetary affairs with a woman from your circle of friends.
Trouble in the family of a woman who is your relative (sister, aunt or cousin) can create tension in your family circle. Everyone will have their own opinion on this situation, much advice will be given, and in fact it is a test through which these people will have to go by themselves. 
Interesting changes will occur at your parents' home (if you do not have them, in your own home).  Various changes will be implemented for the better (relocation, sale or purchase, repair or a new person in the home). If you are in the process of selling or renting a property that you own through your parents or relatives, then your plans will be realized as you expect. 
In love, however, there will be either sunny days nor storms. You will go through both. Do not make plans or pressure your partner to make decisions or do things for which he is not ready. You can relate yourselves to negative emotions yourself, so let some things find their time to happen. 
If you have your own children, this year there will be differences in your views about their future. This can make your relationship uncomfortable. Avoid all forms of pressure or manipulation.
During the year, you will be seriously considering a change in your job, as it will be related to relocating to another company (ending a form of development to give a chance to a new one).
For some of you, this will be a good time for retirement, termination of employment and starting your own business. 
2018 will favor the creation of a family and the development of your family affairs. You may be lucky with a big purchase: home, car, additional property, farm and more. You may get an unexpected inheritance or property rights. You can have luck in many things, but never if you look for it or provoke it yourself. 
During the year, attention will be given to the actions or words of a man who is your relative on your partner's side: your father-in-law, grandfather, etc. In words, promises or agreements you with such a man there may be some trap or himself being cheated.
After parting this year you will be able to see and meet with your relatives or friends who have been abroad. Some of them will pleasantly surprise you with their decision to return to their homeland. There are a number of international changes that will provoke similar decisions and actions. 
This year a strong position for public or political activity will be held by young Virgo men. You will be able to realize your plans and expectations related to education, a career in politics or in public affairs. You will be stimulated by many new ideas and ambitions.
The year you will involve an event related to the birth of a boy.
During the year, you will experience a conflict related to a financial document or contract that will affect your mother, relative or female friend. 
In the financial plan, the year will require a lot of rational costs, this being especially important for young Virgo women.
What surprises does 2018 have for you? The key words are change, love and many unexpected experiences associated with such events.