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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope August 2017

Those born under Aquarius must avoid jealousy in August and confrontation with their intimate or marital partner.
Offensive insults and emotional wounds will not heal quickly or easily. Especially complicated may be your relationship if you have a partner who has already had a previous marriage.
You may expect to gather on an important occasion related to a boy or a man. 
You will find out with a delay about a prize, property acquisition or other important material event in the life of a person in your circle of friends.
Many will experience the surprise of loss or theft in the home of neighbors or colleagues.
In August you will experience unpleasant news or a woman-related event.
You will be in trouble with a man who will be amazed by your indulgence. 
In August you may get an unexpected chance, luck or suggestion from a man from far. It is possible to have a new acquaintance with such a person.
A joyful event will occur personally for Aquarius men.
For Aquarius women, August will be a complicated month, with little opportunity for progress and success. It is good to be careful to avoid losing your chances.