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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope September 2017

If you are planning a trip in September for which you will need the help or assistance of another person, be prepared for surprises. You may be disappointed, deceived, have too much expectation.
The surprise this month will be on the children, the birth of a baby, an unexpected event related to a child, etc. In some cases, you may be surprised by money or profit that is related to a child in some way.
Tensions in your family relationships may worsen and lead to rift or separation (especially in some family couples). Do not allow outside interference in any form in your personal relationship. If you need to be, be sharp and firm, but keep what's more important to you.
There may be family problems related to people who live near your home.
At your workplace, you may have a break with a colleague, a client, or a business partner.
Keep things important to you at your workplace: documents, business mail, and more. They may be of interest to someone else around you.
In September you may be away from home for a certain period of time due to a vacation, visiting relatives, traveling on a job, etc.
You will have interesting contacts with relatives who live far away.
In September, you will have financial concerns or higher costs that will be a problem for you over a given period of time.
Plan everything well, do not expect miracles and be sparing.  
Aquarius Men will have an unfavorable month of travel.