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Cancer Monthly Horoscope July 2017

In July, those born under the sign of Cancer will be waiting for an important event in the life of a child, grandchild, or other life change in their lives.
Important changes this month may occur in connection with a lawsuit. It may have some connection with a young person or a child from your family. 
In July, care about the health of a relative and additional commitments in this plan may arise. Problems are most likely to concern someone living in another home or in another location. There are also emotional problems with such a person in your family.
This month, you will have more home and domestic commitments. There will be a need for various changes, relocations, minor repairs, improvements, and more. 
You will have a good time to settle rights or obligations related to property.
This month, you will have an event that will have a connection with a relative or friend's trip. It will be monitored with particular interest because of its importance.
Personal or professional contact with a person who lives away from you will place you in some kind of tension. Most likely, this is because of the vagueness in the character and purpose of this person. 
This month there is a possibility of losing small money or you will spend a small amount of money for a deceptive promise, hope. Watch out for what you're giving money to avoid getting into any unnecessary trouble.
At the same time, you can now experience a financial success that will come as a surprise or unexpected gain.