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Cancer Monthly Horoscope October 2017

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, your expectations for this month should be related to many events and experiences around your family and above all with your relatives who live near or far from you.
This month, you are going to have important (future-defining) conversations or meetings on a variety of occasions.
You may enter into a dispute or conflict with a person who lives in another city or state. You may have a similar controversy over a trip that you or someone in your family is planning to take this month. 
Expect joy in your home related to a personal holiday or success of a kinsman.
In this month, you can move into a new home, make a change in the interior of your home, or refresh it with new furniture or equipment.
In October, you will meet or talk about financial matters that will follow your expectations. You will achieve satisfactory, desired results. 
It is possible to obtain money through a man.
October can be a very positive month for you in terms of your financial interests. You will have certain expectations or opportunities for higher income. This will be a good month to end an unpleasant monetary problem.
In this month, be very cautious and check everything in detail, especially if you are going to buy expensive goods or an investment.

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