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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope August 2017

In August, you will have an occasion for a gathering related to a relative or relatives. The reasons for this can be varied and can bring together both relatives and friends, neighbors.
Expect a visit to relatives at their invitation.
In August, it is possible to engage with a home renovation or change. 
This month, you will be visiting a tax, bank or other institution related to a problem or an important situation concerning your home.
You will anticipate a lie in time and you will be able to protect yourself from a mistake or other negative impact. It will be lucky that you will reveal someone's actions before they have done any damage.
In August you may discuss property issues with relatives or family. You can engage in important, urgent actions related to them. You may need legal counseling or some lawyer intervention.
August may be an important month for your love life with some anticipated or unexpected events.
You will have a difficult relationship or conflict with a person who lives in the same place as you. You will find it difficult to reach an agreement, as difficult compromises will have to be made....
In August, they will have commitments related to receiving or sending money related to someone in your circle of relatives or business partners.
Avoid financial dealings with strangers or unchecked people and businesses.