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Gemini Monthly Horoscope August 2017

In August, those of you who are going to change jobs will have success in a new venture, career or training.
It is possible to rise where you are currently working or be assigned new responsibilities.
In this month, a woman will bother you with the behavior and decisions she has taken lately. She may be your relative or a close friend. All in all, she will be a person who is especially important to you. 
A life drama in the lives of people you know personally will create emotional discomfort. This may be a reason for reflection on some of the truths of life we sometimes forget.
This month you may have care or costs related to the health of a woman close tø you.
You will have a possible windfall or opportunity for public expression. 
However, your love life will be unpredictable, as there will be a situation that will test your feelings and confidence. Soon, most of you will be forced to make an important decision.
Gemini women can soon engage in medical, dental or cosmetic procedures and interventions.
For Gemini men, August will bring new interesting opportunities for development and success primarily on a personal level. You can now enjoy the success of your project, work, child, invention, and more.