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Gemini Monthly Horoscope July 2017

In July, an important role in your life will play out through a friendship, partnership or common cause that you will have with a woman.
Soon you will have the expectation of getting a certain amount of money, which will be quite different from what you will actually get. This situation is unlikely to involve a dispute or a conflict.
This month, you may experience disappointment because of your larger and most likely unrealistic expectations.
You will experience a joyous event related to a boy or a young man, most likely from your family of relatives.
July can bring you a new positive endeavor or change for you. You will rely on something definite for a woman and it will be realized in the best way for you. 
However, this will be an unfavorable month for court or legal engagement. It is possible that there will be a deferral, delay or otherwise adversely development for you at this stage.
You will expect and observe to what extent the impudence of a person who is connected with your home or your family in some way can reach. You are aware of these lies and the hypocrisy, but for now, for various reason, you will refrain from acting. 
In July, a new friendship will emerge for Gemini women but will involve a man of complex or irregular nature.
Success will be had by Gemini women over 35 who will still have their peak development.
A happy news or a long-awaited offer will be given to Gemini men.