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Leo Monthly Horoscope August 2017

In August, expect an important proposal or news that will be related to a woman.
This month, there are some important decisions about your family. Unfortunately, there will also be cases in which a divorce will be finalized.
Many will experience joyful events, holidays related to a younger brother or sister, child or grandchild. You will receive news related to the birth of a child. 
This month, an unexpected disclosure of secrecy, fraud and other similar events will arise.
Be careful with whom you will be on a trip this month!
In August, expect joyful news that you get through a man.
Personal success, prize, recognition of talent or ability, and other things that will be the occasion for an improvised gathering are also possible. 
In August most men will try to resolve some controversy in the family or solve problems they have in their personal or loving lives.
Unmarried men can begin a new romantic relationship.
Women will have more dynamic communication with women primarily from other cities or countries. It may be related to family or professional affairs and events.