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Leo Monthly Horoscope September 2017

In September, those born under the sign of Leo can expect a meeting or visit at home connected to a girl or woman.
This month, you will have a good reason to be happy about something definite. You will be filled with positive energy.
An unpleasant impact on your family or marital relationships will have the interference of someone outside of your home. There will be contradictions and unnecessary explanations, justifications, etc.
It is possible to reveal the infidelity or disloyalty in the family of relatives or friends.
You will be worried about the unexpected development of troubles that affect you or your close relatives.
Possible care about your health. In one way or another, your body will react to the recent stress or overload.
Some of you may receive a denial of a desire, suggestion, applying for a new job, position or training, etc.
News related to a boy or man that will probably make you sad or disappointed.
Despite some unfavorable events in September, unexpected crashes or serious losses, this month will prove to be successful and constructive for you. You will experience specific events that will impress you, will give you a sign of another upcoming success by the end of the year.
It is possible a trip for women Leo, associated with positive emotion or special expectation.
September can bring a surprise to men, which will have a connection with money, a financial document or an unexpected profit.
In all, your financial affairs will develop into an interesting and positive direction for you.