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Libra Monthly Horoscope October 2017

If you were born under the sign of Libra, expect interesting news in October. It probably will brighten your kinship and family relationships.
A news or event related to the birth of a child is possible.
This month, you will have conversations,  handling of documents, inheritance sharing, and more.
Concerns in October may be experienced by those of you who are involved in a lawsuit, especially if the other party to the case is a woman. 
You will have costs related to a child or grandchild for which you will have planned.
It is possible to get money from different sources for a child.
There will be unexpected panic associated with unverified news or gossip. This will show you how unwise it is to react hurriedly without checking the information.
Your relative, who is somewhere far away from you, will be the missing link in a series of events this month.
It is possible to travel for someone in your family connected with work, school or some life situation.
Libra men will be able to enjoy a good offer related to the purchase or sale of a property or a home.
Unmarried women can begin a new relationship with a man or a widower who has experienced a personal life drama in his life.
In October, most women will go through a difficult period, but it will be a way of provoking to make definite decisions, to change something in your life.

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