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Pisces Monthly Horoscope August 2017

In August, those born under the sign of Pisces will put a lot of ambition and determination to organize and resolve the various actions and plans of a financial nature.
You will meet important people or representatives of an institution, a bank. You are aware that it is important to remember this month with concrete success, not just promises and hopes.
In August, it is possible to obtain money from a specific person or through a bank. 
Be cautious in a conflict with a man who may be a representative of a judicial, legal institution, law or government.
If you are conducting a lawsuit, expect a conflict with a man who will have a different opinion, vision, information from you.
In August, you can make a home purchase at a bargain price. For some of you, events related to a new home or property rights are likely. 
You will get great hope or an important promise from the person you work with together.
Expect events related to a close woman or girlfriend about her love life or marriage.
It is possible for unmarried men to develop a new acquaintance, flirtation, or love.
Pisces women need to be protected from the inexperience or hypocrisy of a person who has a mark or a sign on his face.