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Pisces Monthly Horoscope September 2017

September may be a critical month for the love affairs of Pisces born people.
The accumulated tension that has so far been thrown in the name of good manners will now escalate unexpectedly for yourself.
Conflicts will be unpredictable and may result in temporary or final separation.
You are about to settle financial relationships with a person with whom you have complex or problematic relationships.
It is possible to receive or give money to such a person.
In September, you can win through someone else's idea, someone else's luck, something that will be given to you by agreement, contract, etc.
You will now be able to expect an increase in your salary or other monthly earnings.
You will hope for something from your conversation with a woman who does not live in a home with you.
During this month, you will patiently wait for the development of a lie, deception, intrigue towards you. Although it is emotionally painful, you are aware that a direct conflict will not be in your favor. 
You will let things develop in their own way because you believe in the laws of the universe.
And if emotional September is going to be unpredictable and complicated for you, then financially it will look much better. There is even unexpected winnings, lucky money or other gains.
In Pisces men, unexpected changes in work are possible, which will be important and promising.
Pisces women will refuse one of their own ideas because of the realization that it is impossible to realize.