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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope October 2017

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius October for you will be a month of special relationship. You will have common actions with people in your circle of relatives or neighbors.
A woman will help an important person in your family.
You will be part of gatherings on various occasions, but mainly those that will be related to birthday, name day, anniversary, etc.
In October you can expect important events related to your father, grandfather, uncle, older brother or son-in-law who will bring your family together.
During the month you can experience an event related to an engagement or wedding.
There will be trouble with a child or a grandchild. Because of this you may have a visit to your home or you will have to go somewhere.
You will have an unpleasant conversation with a young person who does not understand the complexity of life and the situation he has now.
You may expect a change, leave, or any other similar event in your work that may concern you in any way. Whatever happens there, it will not be a surprise.
A news or phone call can upset you and cause irritation. There will be a certain person who will be guilty of this situation. It is good to think wisely. It may have a connection with an unfulfilled promise.
There is an important dating, meeting or conversation important for your future. 

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