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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope September 2017

For those born under the sign of Sagittarius, September will be a month favorable for financial stabilization. Earnings expected and unexpected from more than one source are possible.
Possibly there will be profits from lottery or sweepstakes, but do not force your luck with large amounts.
In this month, in an interesting development, you will have a new friendship with a person from another location or another nationality.
In September you will help a friend, but it is possible that a friend will be your angel savior at a difficult time.
Travel troubles will arise from a person who, for various reasons, will create difficulties or obstacles for you.
It is possible to engage in travel related to someone's health, therapy or treatment.
In September expect surprises, unforeseen events or decisions by a person who is your relative.
Only now will you know of a good act or help given to you by a person who has remained in the shadows so far, without disclosing his actions. 
You will learn unpleasant news about an event related to the person you have worked with or studied together with.
In September, dreams associated with a person from the Beyond will upset you, although their purpose will be quite different.
If you are planning a major change in a month, act cautiously and very sensibly.
Sagittarius men will have an adverse month for lawsuits.