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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope August 2017

In August you will have to overcome, deal with the troubles or delicate relationships you have with a woman.
She is probably your relative or a woman in a high position where you work, or a representative of an organization or institution.
In this month, words, comments, acts of the people around you will hurt, and nothing behind them will be actual. You may enter into conflict with such a person. 
In August you can expect the receipt of money in your home by a woman. You may have earnings such as rent, maintenance, scholarship, etc.
A gathering related to a woman (birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary) will be a cause of spending, not as a gift, but because of some other special gesture or surprise.
You will need to pay attention to your health due to a mild health condition that you will need to go through. It will be a sign to take precautions and seek medical advice. 
In August may have a business, professional or judicial, legal relations of a financial nature with people from another location. It is possible to conclude a contract, agreement or other documents with them.
You will follow and discuss important or interesting, curious events from the love or intimate life of a man from your circle of friends or relatives.
Scorpio women will have a beneficial financial month.