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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope July 2017

In July, you may upset one person's actions and comments directed toward you by people who are important to you.
Now you may be upset or disappointed by an unpleasant news about a boy or a young man.
This month, expect invitations for a meeting or gathering.
There will also be some exchange of important documents, information. 
In July, you will receive a proposal for an additional commitment or one that you will also benefit from.
In your home and family relationships, tensions may arise with the disclosure of secrecy, disguised or unrelated actions, and so on.
It is now possible to lose confidence, to create undesirable doubts and suspicion in the loyalty of certain people.
Annoyance may arise around receiving money through a document, credit, settlement, etc. 
You will be financially unstable this month and it is good to be prepared and cautious if you want to save yourself from problems and losses.
You will have to buy a gift for a girl or a young woman.
Expect joyful or important news about a child.
Scorpio women will enjoy an important personal gain or for the comfort in their home.