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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope September 2017

In September, the majority of plans or actions you will have a connection with pregnancy, a child or young person from the family.
An important role in these things will be someone you do not live with under one roof.
It is possible a gathering at home or in your family will be related with a child.
In September, you will have meetings and conversations with men, which will involve discussing a proposal, a new opportunity, a future project, and more. 
You will get news related to an important event in a young man's life.
Expect a gesture of attention, gift, or giving rights to a property for a woman this month.
Losing a small amount of money or an inexpensive item will make you think about someone's disloyalty, their own distraction, or their excessive credulity.
You will experience a conflict with a person to whom you have shared your personal information. He or she, due to nonsense or intention, will make her know other people. 
September will be a good and successful month for you professionally, with good income or good business development (if you have one).
In this month, many of you will have higher costs related to a child's or grandchildren's education.
September will be a month of great material benefits for Scorpio women, who will be able to remember it with a specific material benefit.