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Taurus Monthly Horoscope September 2017

September will be an interesting and important month for you in your financial affairs.
You are about to settle various money or other financial documents that will be important for your home or family.
You are about to receive money from a state or court instance through sales, rents, and more. 
In your work or in your business contacts in September, be cautious about your relationship with men. You may receive an unreal or incorrect proposal. You may be subject to a man's cheating, manipulation or other unpleasant action at your workplace.
More frequent problems or troubles can be experienced with people who depend on you in some way.
You can create your own problems by interfering with a situation related to people you do not know. 
Your relationship with children and grandchildren will develop normally as long as no money-related claims are received. In such a case, dispute, conflict, and tension may arise.
You will expect a new opportunity to develop or solve old problems, plans or projects. You will have the hope that in September the situation and the circumstances will be more favorable to you.
This month, you'll get assistance, support, or support from people who are not in your circle of close friends.
In September you will be surprised by news or an event related to a person in your family.
The surprise could come through the news for an engagement or wedding.