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Virgo Monthly Horoscope August 2017

August will be a month that will bring you pleasant emotions in some way connected with travel or with people from afar.
Many will use their leave now, but many will use the weekend to go somewhere and enjoy the summer.
Expect joyful news or events with people who live far away from you.
It is possible to visit each other or to meet with such people for some reason. 
In your thoughts you will have concerns and worries related to your relatives. August will show you that you are unnecessarily worried about things that are actually developing in the best way for you.
Expect successful completion of a serious issue related to such a personality.
You will suddenly give up on a purchase, you will get rid of material things in your life that you feel has a negative influence on you. You have the feeling that they keep you in a situation without the possibility of development. 
Undivided or hidden secrets in your home or family will now turn out to be a chance, luck in a certain situation. There will be an interesting transformation of circumstances.
Financially you have had better months, but you should not think that you are going to have a crisis.
Your expenses now have to be well planned and arranged.
There will be worries about the health of a woman who is near to you or to your relative.
Avoid financial relationships such as: giving money to a loan or guaranteeing a loan.