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Virgo Monthly Horoscope September 2017

In September, your main focus will be on financial documents, money or loan, payments, and other monetary affairs.
There may be anxiety about money in your relationship with family members.
During this month, you may be the subject of a special attention by a man who will try to please you with a gift or other gesture of attention.
If you have children, September will be an important month for their development, success. You may have a reason for a gathering, because of them.
Expect news about future motherhood or the birth of a child.
The troubles in September (whatever they are) will not surprise you. You will have an expectation, a premonition for them or will be the result of your mistake, hasty action.
You may experience sadness, depression or other negative emotions due to events related to your close woman (most likely your family).
Overall emotionally September will be a busy month.
Now you may discover secrecy, lie, manipulation, or other loathing on the part of a person you know personally. Such an event will cause you to end your relationship with him or her forever.
An unexpected acquisition for Virgo men is possible.
Unexpected success can delight Virgo women.