Beliefs about money

Bulgarian women believe in all sorts of superstitions. As an example, no woman in this country leaves her bag on the floor because it is believed that this could cause a lack of money.
Or - do not say "Cheers" with plastic cups, for the same reason.
But European women massively throw with casual elegance branded bags on the floor when they sit down for coffee or a glass of wine with friends. Even the business women who know that the bag can not be put on display at the negotiating table or in another conspicuous place. 
And if the bag superstition does not affect your wealth, here's another Bulgarian and foreign superstitions on how to keep your money for longer.
Let's start from the wallet. It was the first home of your money, and people believe that the wallet affects the money. According to Bulgarian tradition red color is health, strength and life so you wallet should be red. At least inside.
Feng Shui does teach us that the color of money are similar to those on earth and metal, ie The portfolio must be brown, terracotta, yellow, gray or white. The black color is not recommended.
Never, however, dont take a blue wallet because it is the color of the water and the money will flow imperceptibly through it.
The same ancient doctrine requires that the wallet be made of leather or suede - energy flows cant run thru nylon. Wallet with such color has no chance to attract more money. 
You should not put pictures in it because they also block the energy of money. Will not help if you carry a picture of someone rich either, its needless to try.
The portfolio must be as larger as possible, you do not have to fold banknotes in it because it does not bode well. And whatever happens, it should never be empty. If you will give away one at least put pennies in it. There is no better antidepressant than well-stocked portfolio.
So much for where we keep our money. Here are some tips on how to spend more slowly.
We know that day salary means holiday, but the first rule of thumb is visible money should not be spent immediately. They need "to sleep" overnight in your wallet, if you will - even under the mattress, drawer or best in your bank account. 
Everyone has heard the expression "money goes where money is," so the legend says that to get plently of money, the bigger bill of your salary should be kept for as long as its possible. It will attract more money.
The biggest bill received in the beginning of the year need to be kept till the beggining of next year. If you wonder why some stores and restaurants have notes attached to the frame or to the entrance, then know that these are the first earned money and their task is to show the way to more revenue to this store.
No matter what date is the day of your salary, do not make major purchases in the first ten days of the month. Brings poverty. Another superstition that is a bad sign is if you drop loose change and lift them off the floor immediately. Wait briefly and then return to pick them up. There are many other beliefs regarding small coins - for example, it is not good to take coins from the ground, close to a crossroads. 
But found coin can be used as a mascot. Leave it under the front door mat.
Found bill should never be spent. It will bring you happiness and luck kept. Since its finding was pure profit without work. Happiness is to have a container with money in the kitchen, and notes reflected in a mirror somewhere in your home. The ladies can attract money if they carry a purse mirror in which at least have affected larger amounts.
When you handle money, give with the right hand and take a left. Should you give, always choose the larger bills, and when returning loan, the smaller are preferred. So you will not have to borrow again.
As practices exist for the protection of the family budget, many people are unlucky with their money and others are gaining them all their life.
Those born in the evening have the ability to accumulate treasure.
Those born at night when people are asleep, usually dont go without anything, but do not gain much either.
Those who were born in the morning, they're meant to be profligate.