Lucky Numbers

In Astrology, the numbers are not just abstract. They encod a certain energy that affects a certain way of living for different people. This information is directly dependent on the influence of the planets. In other words, each zodiac sign has a number that brings certain of us happiness. Others have one that only leads to problems and complications.
The numbers are all around us - addresses, phone numbers, license plates, dates of important events for us ... if we manage to fully control them, all this will work in our favor!

Sun 1
Sun affects people born under the sign of Leo. The number one is a symbol of the positive start of activity and success in business. For Leo, the number 1 is a "magnet for success." A number of which is less positive, is 2. It will always pull a person back and prevent his development.
Moon 2
The number two brings the power of love and security that are so necessary and never reach Cancer. All that has 2 in it brings good luck and peace - 22, 222, 2222 ... It must be kept separate from the numbers 1, 10, 100, 1000 ...! It`s possible to combine 2 with 7; this suppresses the influence of 1. 27, 272.7272.
Mars 3
Three is a lucky number for Aries and Scorpio. They need to know that in any area where there is competition or development, it is good to surround themselves threes - in the mobile phone number, address, make important efforts on dates containing 3. In the form of talisman or jewel , three is encoded in the triangle.
Mercury 4
Here is the energy of knowledge, deep thought, science, trade and exchange of information. 4 is a happy number for Virgo and Gemini. And under this sign, strength is doubled, if the person works as a journalist, entrepreneur, translator, writer, publisher and in any of the information activities. These zodiac signs should always use the square as ornament. Interestingly, that then brings happiness also and "the fatal day" 13??
Jupiter 5
As in figure 1, here also there is a powerful positive energy, but only for Sagittarius, especially if his work is related to constant communication with people. Not once have we said that Sagittarius is a darling of fate and again we have a proof of this. Regardless of the other numbers, if a number is or contains 5, it is lucky for them. For example 12345. The ideal jewelry for them is a star with five rays.
Venera 6
6 has a special harmony that is felt in the signs Libra and Taurus. This figure brings them luck and satisfaction; if these persons are doing something they do it with love. The number 6 helps them much in love. For example, the ideal date for a wedding for them is 06.06. They also have a "friendly" numbers, which can combine 6 to even better effect. For example, the relationship and marriage - combine with 4. For more creativity and success in service - combine with 9.
Saturn 7
7 as a whole is a lucky number, but in an everyday aspect most luck is brought to Capricorn. Saturn itself is the planet of obstacles and with the help of 7, representatives of the sign will with greater ease deal with any difficulties. There is something mystical - namely the number 7 helps them to "hear" the advice of his guardian angels.
Uranus 8
8 is a lucky number in Aquarius. 8 is a double image, helping them to draw energy from invisible to us dimensions. 8 is the number of different, talented, original, people, one level above the rest, but unfortunately they are regularly misunderstood. 8 is a symbol of infinity, which helps Aquarius to be always energetic and creative. It can be viewed as a spiral, so any jewelry and spiral elements  bring luck to the sign.
Neptune 9
9 is a symbol of completion, closing the circle. Adulthood! Pisces should avoid any sharp objects and in any case to not use sharp jewelry. Her ornament is the circle. 9 in combination with 1 brings to Pisces money. 9 in combination with 2 enhances intuition and helps to make the right decision in difficult times. 9 in combination with 6 helps to attract the love to itself.