Numerology Horoscope. Personal Year 11

During this year you'll be subordinate of your ideals. Now actually is the time for inside growing and change in you. Right now you'll check and specify your principles and feelings that leaded you in your work, business, home, family and in your relations. Don't worry to start the rationalization from the bottom, and when you're sure everything is fine there, its honest and correct, you'll have good results till the end of the year. If you don't check everything well, you could fail. Successes for those who are in the religion, psychology and occultism field, even some could have a spiritual enlightenment and this to turn their life. The only serious problems could be in your home and family.
WORK, CAREER: You can have successes if you are leaded by the human relations with the people and your partners. If you're rashly you could lose the good tendencies and to lose.
FINANCES, MONEY: Good financial and material prosperity, you will only need to make some restrictions to avoid loses.
HEALTH: Take care for your nerves; be careful with electricity and mechanical things. Problems with ulcer, colitis, stomach, blood pressure, heart, eyes.
LOVE, FAMILY: You'll be devoted more on the spiritual. You'll be enlightenment. Problems with kids or parents but without serious consequences.