Numerology Horoscope. Personal Year 2

This year won't be efficient for you. It is now the time for the seeds, which you plant last year to germinate. You have to be calm, prudent, absorbing and very careful in every step you take. Bare in mind when communicating with others to be polite, nice and incorruptible. Keep your brain always switched on. Leave the old knowledge apart and try to learn something new, which will be of a great help to archive your aims.   
You will have many chances to realize your wishes, but don't rush, wait for the things to arrange by themselves. Don't be too sensitive and respects the people around you. It is advisable that you wait during this year as it is possible big draw back of what you have achieved so far.
WORK Be careful, be patient. You can reach balance in your activities, but you may also cancel contracts and deals. Any changes are possible.
FINANCES: They will come from your work and patience. Now is the time to save some money. You may loose some money because of over trusting. You may have to spend money on improving your lifestyle, comfort and your safety.
HEALTH: Changing and unstable. Fight against the stress, panic and worries. Stomach problems, nerves, kidneys and genitals

EMOTIONS: The relations with the women will be a bit more clear, but the marriage question is still hesitant. It is possible to have argue, which may turn into fight. The singles may find their soul mates. Hesitant emotions, feelings and affairs.