Numerology Horoscope. Personal Year 4

This is year is totally committed to work. Even if you are unemployed now is the time to start something serious. Some of you will have more than one activity. In order to do that in a successful way you should not repeat any old mistakes, but avoid or correct it. Don't waste your time is stupid talks or plans, don't be condescendingly or over critical, but serious and honest get over with your weakness and put your aims and wishes. Be very careful for your health as it may suffer. Always visit the doctor when needed and do not hesitate to follow his prescriptions. Be always with clear mind, sober, sensible and determinate in everything you do you may win during the year.
CAREER: Follow the deals closely, be constant and honest. You will have looses during the year, steals, but all these without serious consequences.
MONEY: You will have quite unstable and problematical during the year. You will miss out your biggest chance. Unexpected expenses and lack of current finances. You will have problems with giving back money which you borrowed.  
HEALTH: You have lack of energy and a lot of discomforts. You need a big rest and healthy life style. You will have problems with bones, joints, teeth, intestines, pancreas.  
LOVE, FAMILY: You will have many family problems, troubles in the personal life. The peace will be only on the surface. Be careful everywhere and with everything.