Numerology Horoscope. Personal Year 5

The year is good and tidal for you. You may and have to finish many things, but before doings this, make sure that you have finished all the previous work, to open a new way now. This year will bring you progress. The successes at work will be naturally flowing and good material gains and moral rewards are possible. You will feel fresh and protected by angel. You must arrange a trip abroad to detach from the daily life. Let there be more variety around you hope this won't make you nervous. Don't waste your energy, but concentrate. Act and take risk, do many things, especially those which will bring you profit. If you feel lost, cheated, abandon, make sure you will get over these conditions in order not to fail the good luck. You will always be able to find the right way when you get lost.
CAREER: Do not rush in the projects. It is possible to change your work or conceptions, advancement or education. Material and financial improvements and more independence.
FINANCE, MONEY: When you take risk make sure, they are well estimated, don't be impulsive and rushing.  Extra money are possible, salary raise and others.
HEALTH: Good energy, but be aware of the extremes. Problems may appear from the genitals, nerves, lung and breathing. Small injuries and trauma are possible.
EMOTIONS, LOVE, FAMILY: It is quite possible to plan a change, something new around you. Year of seduction and temptation, love relations and new friendships, changes and desires