Numerology Horoscope. Year 6

The year will be very hard for you because the responsibilities and the requirements will be more compared to the last year. Don`t expect miracles, just the other way, remember that the earnings and the incomes will be less from what you were planning. Most of the things you do will be in a standstill. Don`t plan big things. Be more limited and try to not have big misunderstandings and problems in your home and with your family. The year is good for marriage and everything related to relatives. You`ll be seeking from many places for help. You can count on your real friends and it will depend only on you to find the true love. I advise you to be diligent, honest and correct in everything and try to finish everything you start. Don`t rush the things; everything will happen when its time comes.
CAREER: Successes for the artist, for people with imagination and capital. Good relations with partners, now its time for change in your work.
FINANCES, MONEY: Spent for improving your comfort and way of living and work. Good outcomes for eventual investments and real estates. Don`t forget that you can find the money you need only if you seek them right.
HEALTH: Make a step for a change of your way of live by yourself. Take care of yourself, problems with heart, and back, gynecological problems.
EMOTIONS, LOVE, FAMILY: Changes in your home or your work, new design. It is possible for you to isolate by yourself. Control your feelings, trust and control your jealousy. Changes in your way of live. New relationship.