Numerology Horoscope. Year 7

This year in a numerological aspect is quite hard and unfavorable, with many obstacles and problems. Don`t start anything new, donít develop anything and don`t expect any serious success in the social or public area. Don`t oblige to anything and especially with many people. Don`t expect any improvements in your business or work and hopefully everything will stay as it is and it wonít fail. Be honest and open at least with yourself, estimate and analyze your mistakes and your flaws and try to overcome them. Think for the present time and make plans for the next year. Arrange your thoughts, feelings and don`t have regrets for the past. Don`t plan any changes and innovations. It is a good time for studying. You can be stable in financial aspect, if you don`t involve yourself in fake emotions and wasting money. Think what ís good to keep in the future.
WORK: Often in your work you can be a pessimist. The year is good for creations in a humanitarian aspect, for examination, writing, studying, discovering, tourism, traveling. Don`t rush your life and take more rest.
FINANCES: This aspect is unclear and unsecured so be careful. Your expectations will fail and it is possible serious difficulty. Lack of saving and material things. Possibility for unexpected earnings.
HEALTH: Weak energy, weak physical and mental condition. Problems with the tonsils, depressions, anemia, bad metabolism, bad nerves. Instability in emotional aspect.
EMOTIONS: Time for thinking, unexpected dates but without lasting engagements. Light cooling of the feelings with your partner.