Numerology Horoscope. Year 9

The year will have its ups and downs, so be careful in everything. Actually now is the time for "cleaning" not only in your home and work, but also in your personal relations and feelings. Many times you'll face unexpected obstacles and difficulties coming from your past but if you don't overcome them you'll fall. You must finish your acts and the work you started before without compromises. Don't think you're the center of the world and don't expect everyone to love you. Now it's the time to understand who your real friends are and to get rid of the fake ones. Year 9 is for finishing the old and starting the new cycle. Let the main leading word for you be love.
WORK: Successes for ending something or planning of a change. Now it's the time for change of the social or professional situation. Your projects are ready for actions. Good results if they are with many people or customers. Change in your work and great connections with abroad.
FINANCES: The good and the bad go together in the year, that's why you will have big gains but also you will have big loses and possible bankruptcy. Possibility for financial deal with abroad. Be extremely attentive and cautions.
HEALTH: Possible different infections, bad metabolism, depressions, tiredness, problems with the blood pressure.
EMOTIONS: Misunderstandings, breakings. Possible date with someone from abroad, something unusual for you. Cares and attention for your relatives. Possible end of relationship, separation or divorce. In the best way you can have only some bad emotions and tension.

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