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Love with Cancer

Cancer - Aries
The connection is always problematic. It's possible, but only for a short time. They have some attraction, but the differences between them are stronger.
Cancer - Taurus
They have a lot of things in common and therefore can form and maintain a wonderful relationship and marriage for life.
Cancer - Gemini
Known is the old adage "What is Cancer in the soul, in Gemini it roars in the head." There is a crucial difference not only in their views, opinions and beliefs, but also in their different reactions to the same questions followed by complete disagreement. Marital union is not a good gamble.
Cancer - Cancer
Between two Cancers there can quickly arise good companionship  and friendly relations, but cases of marriages are rare and not very successful.
Cancer - Leo
Again we encounter a couple where there is opportunity for a good friendship and cooperation, but marriage is rarely formed and even less successful.
Cancer - Virgo
Fear of the unknown and lack of means compel and force Cancer to live very carefully and to set aside something for a "rainy day"; this is especially the so for Virgo. So between them are born great partnership and desire for marriage.
Cancer - Libra
This union is always problematic and often ends in failure.  Both partners suffer- both Cancer and Libra. In the beginning they have a liking for one another, but this ends very quickly.
Cancer - Scorpio
Between them a truly fruitful union, both long and happy is possible. Divorce is unlikely. Yes, it is true that there are many widowed and as a rule Scorpions outlive Cancer, but one has to experience this union in his or her life.
Cancer - Sagittarius
Sagittarius has this life force and energy that draws Cancer both physically and spiritually, but between them is possible, primarily, only ideal friendship and ideal business collaboration. Their marriage is doomed to failure.
Cancer - Capricorn
These two are quite remote from each other's world. Cancer is an epic lunatic and a loner, while Capricorn has Saturn's typical qualities, often falling into despair. Their relationship is never easy, but Cancer is a water sign, and the water regulates Saturn's cruelty toward Capricorn. This is a meeting between various natures, which depletes both.
Cancer - Aquarius
These links can bring happiness to one, or both. Here is neither mutual respect, nor physical attraction, if such exists at all. Even friendship and cooperation are difficult.
Cancer - Pisces
Between Cancer and Pisces there can exist not only harmonious friendship, but also a deep mutual love and a happy marriage. Often love at first sight occurs between these two. Everything is favorable and safe.