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Love with Capricorn

Capricorn - Aries
Temperament, character, rhythm of life in both are so different that any union between them happens in extremely rare cases. Frequent contradictions and difficult battles often ensue.
Capricorn - Taurus
They can be faithful and sensitive to one another and have compatibility in character and temperament. Generally love at first sight between them it not possible. But there is a big "but". Everything is possible if backed by sound financial or other material benefits
Capricorn - Gemini
A relationship between people of these two signs is possible only on the basis of mutual understanding, friendship and business cooperation. Marriage between them is very unrealistic and problematic and rarely works out.
Capricorn - Cancer
These two are quite remote from each other's world. Cancer is an epic lunatic and a loner, while Capricorn has Saturn's typical qualities, often falling into despair. Their relationship is never easy, but Cancer is a water sign, and the water regulates Saturn's cruelty toward Capricorn. This is a meeting between various natures, which depletes both.
Capricorn - leo
Partnerships, partnerships and marriage are quite rare. One can speak only of friendship and good understanding (but not intimacy).
Capricorn - Virgo
With them it is possible to have cloudless happiness. They do not know any bitterness, nor disappointment, nor divorce and parting of the ways. The marriage union is a long and happy. Attraction is not only external and physical, but they have a close spiritual connection.
Capricorn - Libra
Here friendly and comradely relations are unknown, and there should not be talk about love and marriage. Difficulties are due to the many differences between the partners in terms of temperament, feelings, emotions and understanding of life.
Capricorn - Scorpio
Friendship, partnership, love and marriage between them is easy, strong and lasting, without cause for concern. Of course, there arise disputes and troubles, but they are not scary or serious.
Capricorn - Sagittarius
This alliance between the two zodiac signs is appropriate in those cases where there is physical attraction, when Capricorn is able to satisfy the sexual needs of Sagittarius. Otherwise there will be arguments, insults, accusations.

Capricorn - Capricorn
This union is often the result of the first and last love. They do not know disappointments, nor separation or divorce. In this relationship, physical attraction between the partners is relatively weak. They have a good relationship in work and business.
Capricorn - Aquarius
In most cases the union between them is impossible or problematic and prone to failure. There is always the possibility not only of divorce, separation, or widowhood, but of other trouble as well. Between Capricorn and Aquarius there may be some business collaboration or partnership, but nothing else.
Capricorn - Pisces
One of the best marriages is between a Capricorn woman  and Pisces man; they have not only a strong physical attraction, but also a great spiritual and intellectual similarity. In this union the woman plays the main role. And in Capricorn man and woman  the chances of positive contacts and associations  are good and many dreams can be implemented. Divorce rates here are extremely rare.