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Love with Pisces

Pisces - Aries
Completely different, they are unsuitable for joint married life, because Aries constantly reacts to everything Pisces says or does - while Pisces just accepts it.
Pisces - Taurus
Everything for them stands on a reliable basis, as between them there is physical attraction and love passion and they will be faithful and devoted to each other to old age. They have much in common.
Pisces - Gemini
Such a link is possible, but rarely occurs. Harmony here is impossible, for many reasons.
Pisces - Cancer
Between Cancer and Pisces there can exist not only harmonious friendship, but also a deep mutual love and a happy marriage. Often love at first sight occurs between these two. Everything is favorable and safe.
Pisces - Leo
Marriage between Leo and Pisces, and cooperation between them suffers complete disaster and collapse. Between them there can be only fleeting times of love and fun, never for long. They have many dissimilarities in their temperaments.
Pisces - Virgo
Helpful Earth combines with Water. And this is a link between two worlds that seemingly have nothing to do with one another, but actually are very close. Pisces patiently listens to Virgo and fans her passion that Virgo does not even recognize.
Pisces - Libra
Friendship here is possible; conditions for it are much more favorable, but cooperation is essential. In marriage, everything is possible - and separation, and widowhood for many different reasons.
Pisces - Scorpio
Their union is beneficial in many ways - personal and business. It features perseverance, integrity, loyalty, devotion, reliability and safety. Divorce and separation are almost absent. Separation is possible only upon the death of one.
Pisces - Sagittarius
Despite the strong physical attraction, marriage between these representatives of the zodiac is often problematic, and more precisely - a failure. They have many differences and contradictions that cannot be overcome - almost never.

Pisces - Capricorn
One of the best marriages is between a Capricorn woman  and Pisces man; they have not only a strong physical attraction, but also a great spiritual and intellectual similarity. In this union the woman plays the main role. And in Capricorn man and woman  the chances of positive contacts and associations  are good and many dreams can be implemented. Divorce rates here are extremely rare.
Pisces - Aquarius
Such a union is problematic and unfavorable. Even partnerships or business relationships are not likely. Why should you inflict pain and suffering? It would be better not to take the risk!
Pisces - Pisces
Two Pisces signs are favorable, the relationship happy. Everything can go smoothly, there can be a long relationship and deep understanding. Well, who else is there like you?