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Sometimes life brings us to unforeseen circumstances. In moments like that it is good to know which direction to take and what are the lessons we need to learn. My name is Shanа and my mission is to help you find the right path when challenges come along. I'm actively studying Astrology, Numerology, The Matrix of Success and other occult sciences.  I believe I can be useful to you!

Answer to a question. To get your response from the Runes, please write down the following details correctly: Name, date of birth / dd-mm-yyyy /- both yours and the person you are enquiring about, male/female, single/married, where you come from, question and timeline of the question.  If you have not specified a specific timeline and the question requires it, then it shall be added at my discretion. The recommended  periods start from 1 month up to 6 months, or one year at the most. Please, do not pose  questions referring to health or treatments. 

The reading covers  one free question,  which will be posted on the site only with your initials and an unlimited number of paid questions of your choice.

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Horoscope with Runes. The horoscope is individual, tailored to your personal data. The consultation will give you directions and tips for your chosen calendar month (s). The number of months and their sequence are yours. The selected month (s) must be within one year of this date.
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Payment methods are specifies in personal correspondence via PayPal or a bank account.  For further questions, do not hesitate to contact the email above.


Hey there! A and A. My question is: will our relationship move forward? (Will we end up together?) Thank you! Hello. According to the runes, the next six months for your relationship will be important to have a common goal. It will hold you together. If there is no such goal, relationships may collapse. Numerologically until January 2019 you are in a difficult period with A. After your birthday in 2019, you will enter a personal year where you will decide what to do with these relationships.At the moment, Adam's attention is focused on work. Good luck!  
My Name is TZ. My current partner Name is MS. He's incarcerated at the moment, is he worth my time to wait and be with him? Is he talking to another girl? I recent gave birth to my second child a baby boy, which hes not the father, has he had any suspicious about it or doubts? Will he find out he's not the father? Hello. For your question i used six month deadline. For this time, he will not understand that he is not the father. But this is a question that will stand front of you always, not just now. If he understand the truth ever, it will not be good for you. Good luck!
Dear Shana, I have been jobless for more than a year. I am a lawyer by profession and have been looking for a well paying job for a long time. My question is related to my job search. Please consider the following details before the question  Name : SSM, female, Single, INDIA. QUESTION : Will I be able to find a well paying job, out of my home town before November 2018. Helloq S! The runes answer is that you will not found the desired  job until  november. Numerologically  the year is also not appropriate to start a new job. But you will meet people who will  help you with the desired job in future. Wish you luck!
Hello, my name is B. I come from Poland. I'm a woman. My question is: will I have my dream new home in which I will live in the near future? (+/- 6 months). I'm in a difficult situation now but I've always dreamed about my own home. Now I live with my parents and my fiance in one apartment. Thank you very much for your answer  Regards  ☺ Hello B! I asked if you will  have the dream home within six months. The runes  say the chance is great. You will need to have an action plan, do not make the decisions emotionally. The runes advice is to think well about buying a home, do not  expect  too much and be more modest. The home will not be too big. According to numerology, the year you are now is suitable to change your home. I recommend that the purchase be January 2019. 

Hello,I am F from V. I currently live in Poland.My question: for almost 2 years I applied for a disability pension in Poland, I can not work anymore because of massive back problems.Will I get the disability pension, I need the money to survive.Thanks for your answer F Hello, Fredy! I'm sorry about what happened to you. The time from your birthday in 2018 to the next year is a moment when you have to wait, there will be a delay, nothing will depend on you. For the next one year, I do not see that you will get a pension. After your birthday in 2019, expect to have a score. Until then, arm yourself with patience! Wish you luck!

Dear,Hope you are fine and in.good health I want to ask about my future with a guy will he be good for me or not shall I be successful in future or not. Please answer that My details Sk. The boy name Dk. Looking forward fr reply  Regards 
Hello S!  I asked how your relationship will develop in the next three months. Everything will go well. The relationship has the potential to develop. Do not doubt In D..It is good to take a trip together during these three months. Wish you luck!

Is there a future for J and my relationship for the next year?  Will J wait for me for my divorce to go through without having a relationship with someone else? Hello C., If divorce take too much time  - he will not be waiting for you. Something hinders harmony between you - or you show him your feelings very actively, or you not show him. If you want to be with him - do not wait too long. The more time passes, the more you will move away from him, if you do not get together. Wish you luck!

Dear Runes Will a certain man S. fall in love with me and we will have a relationship. thank you NS Hello, N! For your question i use term of three months. For this time try to show yourself in your  best light,  because S not see it. For this period i not see that he will fall in love with you and  have a relationship. He lives the life like he want  and does not think to change it. Give him attentiont, but do not force it to change something, because even if you start a relationship, he will not feel comfortable, and will eventually stop it.

W.D. Until the end of year will we make the property ready for use it? Hello, W! You are currently experiencing obstacles to the realization of this idea. Within six months you will start doing something - repairing, buying what you need. You will have difficulties again in the last quarter of the year. You will be faced with choosing whether to continue with the improvement of the property or to stop temporarily. There is a shortage of funds or a conflict with other people if involved. You will have to overcome your frustration with this delay and not be in a hurry.

Good Day, I am  B.J. I have been searching for a job for over 3 years to no avail, would I get a job this month. Please tell me what the cards say. Тhank you Hello. You will find work, it will be a very good job. But it will not be in February. The period will be longer. There is some change in you that does not allow you to actively look for a job. Good luck!

Hello my name is N.V. I will like to know about my relocation, am planning to leave the city where I reside to settle in another city to find a job this February. Could you please tell me what the cards say.  Hello! Everything will pass successfully. It gives you movement and development. Time is good for looking for a job. You must accept everything that is offered to you. You are not in a position to choose. If something does not irritate you - overcome it. Success!

Hello my name is A.t.G. I would like to know if my dream job that I have applied for will come through this year. I'm a nurse and I have applied for a cath lab job it's a higher ranking and has always been my dream job. Thank you again for this opportunity through runes Hello! Runes say you will get this job. But someone will need to help you, to cooperate. Something in the new job may not be the way you want it. Use the time for personal development. Good luck!

N.N.G. India    Need guidance about a girl I like
Hello. The girl is good, open, patient. She has changed her attitude towards you, but she has a hidden interest. I think she was ready to take a step forward. But you have made a sharp change. Do not take any action now because it will cause more tension. Moment is not suitable for starting relationships. You need to first unleash your old experience, everything that has disappointed you. When you find the balance within yourself - then the external circumstances will change. Success!

K.S. What can I expect as a development in a company Y.?
Hello. It's hard for you to be there. You feel like a battlefield. What hinders you is your indecision. More wisdom is needed, more patient and insistent, even loyalty. Master your emotions and do not succumb to their influence. There are traits of your character that you need to adjust, self-control. When this happens - the situation will improve. Success!