Weekly Runes for the period 19 March - 25 March 2018

Changes are possible during the week to be careful. Control your emotions and do not make decisions under their influence. Keep your balance and do your best to prevent entry into your personal space.
ARIES, LEO AND SAGITTARIUS  - the week you will have to make a choice. It feels unsuccessful because your personal strength is insufficient. Master your irritation, make a revision of your understanding, and be patient. Now is not the time when you can change something. In personal relationships, expect obstacles and trials.
GEMINI, LIBRA AND AQUARIUS  - a week in which you will end one thing and start another. A new reality emerges from which you should not be afraid. All changes will be beneficial. In personal relationships, it will be difficult for you to show your feelings or you will be too active in their appearance.
TAURUS, VIRGO AND CAPRICORN - a week of cardinal changes. What is good for you, and not what you expect, will happen. This also applies to privacy.
CANCER, SCORPIO AND PISCES  - this week will be the same for earth and water signs. And here there will be cardinal changes that will happen to what is good for you. You are asked to trust what is happening!

Weekly Runes for the period 12 -18 March 2018

A week of beneficial changes and endeavors that will not happen quickly. Save yourself with patience and be sure to be interested in what matters to you.
ARIES, LEO AND SAGITTARIUS  - Weekends are expected to have unforeseen events and changes that may be both positive and negative. If you have a new perspective from a professional perspective - you will have to work hard for it. Be careful in communicating with your partner and other close people, due to the danger of conflict.
GEMINI, LIBRA AND AQUARIUS  - a week in which you will feel that time has stopped that nothing is happening. Be sensible and trust your destiny. New things are being formed that will later come into your life.
TAURUS, VIRGO AND CAPRICORN - a wonderful week for earth signs! If you have new plans - now is the time to put their start. Do not rush, but let everything follow its natural course of action. New dating this week will be good for you.
CANCER, SCORPIO AND PISCES  - during the week you will encounter obstacles in the implementation of your plans. You will feel that you are not taking the right action. Do not fall into despair and passivity, but do a revision of your goals. Make effort only in what is most important to you at the moment. Your personal relationships are waiting for instability.